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25 Nov ↑d8 Scheme for Confiscation of Wealth page multiple additions, revisions
16 Feb ↑d8 World’s Top Economists Declare US in hopeless Debt Trap!
6 Dec add Oil price crush nearly 200 times greater than change in crude supply reveals
blatant market manipulation by global Crooks in Charge.
19 Nov add “Victims” recovering most of their investments confirm
Madoff was one of if not global wealthy’s Money Launderer-in-Chief.
4 Nov add Homeownership Collapsing, half a century of gains erased, 17% underwater!
19 Sep add 1%-ers Affirm Their Aggressive Exploitative, Let-Them-Eat-Cake Attitudes in Poll
13 Sep add Global Investors Shun US Debt (Treasuries) as Too Risky: Financial Soundness Gauge
31 Aug add Unheard-of Collapse Satisfaction Polls
13 Apr add FDIC Warns Megabanks Are Bust; Rejects Federal Reserve Whitewash
12 Apr add Mutual Funds Withdrew 1/2 $Trillion from Stocks since 2009
4 Apr add new page:                           
What’s Wrong: Why things keep getting worse for most, or barely improve
Intro / overview of entire site, including advice
22 Feb add all evidence demonstrates Gold holds value better than any other asset class
up 50+% compared to oil this century, seven times more than US stocks
hence: Gold’s the best safe haven, over years and decades (even centuries).
Wall Street lies gold’s a commodity annihilated by market realities, including price history
18 Feb add Half of US Households Average <$12,000 net worth, essentially nothing;
75% of Households Average Only $66,000: No Wonder Elderly Aren’t Retiring
5 Feb add Gallup CEO: Uncle Shame tells “Big Lie:” official jobless rate excludes “30 million
5 Jan add Bernanke confirms Federal Reserve’s FOMC is just a megabank puppet
14 Dec add Consumer Sentiment’s abrupt rise most likely a Red Flag
13 Dec add Wall Street Covered Up how Madoff was World’s Money Launderer-in-Chief
12 Dec add Fundamental Reason Global Economy Continues Contracting:
Über Wealthy Hoard Ever More Income and Wealth
9 Dec add China’s ascendance to dominate world economy evident in
Her stocks vastly outperforming rest of world this century
8 Dec add Investors Reducing Risk: abandoning small-cap stocks
5 Dec add Investing Giants Like Buffett and Soros Betting $Billions on Sharp Market Fall
MSM Finally Acknowledge China Economy Much Larger if not more than Twice US
2 Dec add G20 Plans to Confiscate Depositors’ Funds When Megabank Ponzis Melt Down
30 Nov add Extreme preferential treatment of police officer Darren Wilson
via unheard-of secret trial by secret jury

= class warfare includes racism
23 Nov add Federal Reserve Admits It Enabled Worst Financial Crime Spree Ever !!
Congress Admits Bank[st]ers Run Federal Reserve !!
22 Nov add Every Such Rare Rapid, V-Shaped Stock Rally Collapsed Within a Month
Multiple Confirmations It’s Just a Sucker Bear Market Rally since October low
20 Nov ↑d8 Russell 2000 Again Negative Year-to-Date after Ominous 13% Fall
18 Nov add Unprecedented Warning < World’s Central Bank: Things Worse Now than ’07-’08 Crisis !
17 Nov add Several Stock Bubble Indicators Worst Ever !
Warren Buffett’s Favorite Nears All-Time Record
5 Nov add Worst Stock Divergences Ever = Sucker Rally Out of Steam = Risks Worst Ever
31 Oct add clarifications to Solution(s)? page how Snowden’s revelations demonstrating collusion
of Russia and China in NSA’s global surveillance networks, along with countless
other realities, make clear national governments have been subsumed,
are already literally ruled by “a secretive power elite, the New World Order.”
28 Oct add link to excellent documentary how Federal Reserve enabled and fed
outrageous subprime transfer of wealth from many to few, far from over
26 Oct add Outta-this-World Debt/Money Bubble is VASTLY Worse than Dot-Com and 1929
Dozens of Times Worse than Subprime
There is only One Solution, and 90+% Will Cry Uncle for Years of Pain before
the Hardest Crash Landing of all time
11 Oct add Crippling local governments’ finances via Uncle Shame’s latest banking rules
True patriots would love to see end of both despicable political parties
10 Oct add US prison system a dystopian Dostoyevskian [tortuous] nightmare
per NY Attorney Tor Ekeland
8 Oct add S&P Price-to-Sales Ratio Nears Outrageous Dot-Com All-Time Peak!
two decades too late MainSpin Media Admit US’ All-out War Crimes that also
killed reporter Gary Webb for Discloaking CIA’s Drug Running
6 Oct add Bloomberg warns of bonds imploding “in a spiraling selloff
additional details how US Is Most HOPELESSLY BANKRUPT NATION EVER
30 Sep add Perfect Storm Dooms Financial Markets
Both Bonds and Stocks Nowhere To Go But Freefall
28 Sep add SubPrime Fraudsters Get Off Scott Free: Uncle Shame Let Statute of Limitations Expire
on by nearly if not more than a hundred times Worst Financial Fraud Spree Ever
25 Sep add Currently “Present Divergences [ALWAYS Occurred] at Past Market Tops
Numerous Sell Signals Blaring; S&P 500 Breaks Down
Uncle Shame’s latest banking rules will cripple local governments’ finances
23 Sep add US Dollar’s Value Collapsed More than a Thousand Times Tinier Since 1950s
Collapse Accelerating to Fastest this Century
Global Dollar Revulsion video (link), Majority of Humanity Turning to Gold (as ever)
20 Sep add Republican Government Official: “When you try to address [such outrages],
you run into a hornet’s nest of financial interests.”
18 Sep ↑d8 Response to query: “When Will the Shoe Finally Drop?”  including:
Unprecedented Warning < World’s Central Bank: Things Worse Now than ’07-’08 Crisis !
17 Sep add MainSpin Media Don’t Dare Report Unprecedented Collapse of Gallup’s Satisfaction Poll:
One-half Choose the Worst Response: “Very dissatisfied with the way things are going.”
Almost Half US Stocks 20% Down or worse = in Bear Market:
47% of NASDAQ, 40% of New IPOs, and 40% of strictly US stocks (Russell 2000)
Wall Street P/E Valuations Deliberately Understated to Fleece Suckers
15 Sep ↑d8 more on Red Alert ↓ + add: Rickard’s comments about Fed disingenuous?
13 Sep add Red Alert! US Government “preparing for unstoppable $100 Trillion American Meltdown”
16 Agencies issue unprecedented warnings & Uncle Shame’sDay After Plan
14 Sep add More Than 1/3 of Americans, 110 Million Now Depend on Government Assistance
5 Sep add Fed’s Easy Money is Deadly Kool-Aid on Verge of Killing US Economy
Russell 2000 Confirms Sucker Bear Stock Rallies Can’t Save Doomed Markets
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Decries Class Warfare
12 Aug ↑d8 Perfect Storm Dooms Housing
Worst-performing Investment Class this Century By Far
6 Aug add MegaBanks Thumb Noses at Dodd-Frank Reforms, per FDIC & Fed
Remain Leveraged Over Moon
5 Aug add Most Reliable Bear Market Signals Flashing Red
Latest Trifecta Presaged 100% of Previous Bear Markets
2 Aug ↑d8 Wall Street, US Manufacturers, Retailers Demolished Middle Class
1 Aug ↑d8 US Stocks (Russell 2000) Down for Year: Again Signal Major Downturn
Resembling 2000, 2007, and 2011 Downturns into Bear Markets
20 Jun add Home Prices nowhere to go but down as Baby Boomers retire =
Fundamental Force Driving Home Prices Upward nearly a Century now Vanishing
Brokerage Account Threat Warning by Prominent Economics Prof: Latest Bankster Trap
16 Jun add Soaring Mortgage & Rent Payments Further Threaten the Minimalist Housing Recovery Ever
Bubbling Stocks Have Nowhere to Go But Lots Further Down
8 Jun add several descriptions how Banksters Dominate/Exploit Everyone
by prestigious Georgetown Univ. Professor Carroll Quigley
30 May ↑d8 Consumer Sentiment Continues Falling
26 May add clarifications, plus more hopeful info, plus section on Restorative Justice, to Solution(s)? page;
& Why LLUWP Ordered America’s Manufacturing Superiority Transferred Overseas
20 May add explain Debt Money = Greenbacks in Your Wallet, Why Called Fed Reserve “Note” = Loan
link to former Fed Reserve Chair Volcker’s Rants: Gold Is Banksters’ “Enemy No. 1”
13 May add US Financial System Still Leveraged Over Moon, Bank Stocks Down almost 50%:
Investors Know Uncle Shame Lets Banks Value Assets Far Above Market Values..
Without $Trillions Fed Conjured onto their balance sheets, Banks Would Be Insolvent!
Questions of Solution(s) addressed on this new web page.
12 May add Essential essay: “The Gold Standard is a Human Standard(scroll down on page)
by “The dean of investment newsletter writers”
11 May add Gold fulfills No. 1 Investing Rule to BUY LOW due to banksters’ war
against their “Enemy No. 1” = Last Call for Greatest Gold Rush ever
10 May add Greenspan Extolling Gold’s Virtues (reverting back to wisdom of his youth)
including link to his classic essay “Gold and Economic Freedom
clarifications to “Banksters’ Scheme for the Confiscation of Wealth
9 May add new page: Most Reliable Bear Market Warning Signs Flashing Red
S&P Valuations Hit Levels Only Seen Before 1929, Dot-Com, and SubPrime Crashes
P/E Ratios of Many Tech Stocks at Levels Not Seen Since Dot-Com Crash
7 May add Stunning” >800,000 Jobs Lost in April = “Failure to Launch: Decelerating, Not Accelerating
6 May add US: “Land of Inadequately Capitalized Banks Backed by Inadequately Capitalized FDIC
Backed by Highly Insolvent US Government and Federal Reserve
4 May add Feedback Form now available
3 May ↑d8 updated charts: Retail Sales, Housing Starts, Consumer Sentiment
clarifications, especially Banking section and Workforce Collapse:
More than Ten Million Jobs Needed to Return Workforce to Long-term Levels before 2007
22 Apr add Account Holders Don’t Own Funds Deposited in a Bank
and FDIC Has Essentially Nothing Guaranteeing Depositors
add Washington Ignored Millions Who Lost Homes, but Engineered a Soft Landing for Banks
21 Apr add Princeton and Northwestern Universities report US Is No Longer a Democracy
17 Apr add Nobel economist Stiglitz laments “Policies Enriching Wealthiest at Expense of 99%; Etc.
add More than One in Five Homeowners Remain Underwater
15 Apr add all one really needs to know why Gold’s by far Best Way to Protect Nest Egg
11 Apr add Record Insider Selling of Stocks