24 Feb


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Perfect Storm Dooms Financial Markets

Heretofore, Bonds and Stocks Have Always Moved Opposite
Cushioning Each Other’s Downturns

Current Unprecedented Double Bubble Top Means

Both Bonds and Stocks Doomed to Freefall Together !

Unprecedented Warning < World’s Central Bank: Things Worse Now than ’07-’08 Crisis !

Stock Bubble Dying to Pop:

Most Reliable Stock Bear Market Signals Critical

list below

both “The Bond King” and Warren Buffett Declare:

The Multi-Decade Bond Bull Market Is Over

“King” Gross Flees Bonds for “unconstrained strategies

Desperate to Cope with

Interest Rates Soaring Skyward for Years, thus Popping

Most Outta-This-World, Worst Bond/Debt Bubble Ever*

Further Collapsing All Other Assets linked to credit, including Housing and Stocks

and Global Economies

*see EndNote why record-low interest rates returning to normal will collapse bonds

Bloomberg warns of bonds imploding in a “spiraling selloff

crushing bond holders in a mass dash for the “exit.”

Terrible September for Bond Market” says MarketWatch

World-renowned investor Marc Faber:
All markets are vulnerable. All of them.

Investing Giants like Buffett and Soros Betting $Billions on Sharp Market Fall as

Bond Bubble + Economy Dead in Water = Desperate Investors with Nowhere Else to Put Money
Push Stock Prices Outta this World =

Bear Stock Market Signals Critical – dozens, including..

Several Bubble Indicators Worst Ever !:

S&P P/S Ratio Matches Outrageous Dot-Com All-Time Peak !

NASDAQ Valuations Rival Dot-Com Peak !

S&P Hits Valuations Only Seen Before 1929, Dot-Com, and SubPrime Crashes

2008 Crash Pattern Repeating: Steep Fall of Russell/S&P 500 Ratio =

Strictly US Stocks (Russell 2000) Lead Rest Down Yet Again

Most Reliable Predictor of other US Indices since at least 2000

Insiders Dumping Their Company’s Stock at All-time Highs

about most reliable indicator of a major downturn

Present Signals Trifecta Presaged 100% of Previous Bear Markets

Nearly Half US Stocks 20% Down or Worse = in Bear Market

Russell Valuations at Unheard-of Stratospheric Levels, ~25% Worse than Dot-Com Bubble Record

sources, details on these signals

¹interest rates and bond prices move opposite,
are inversely linked