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Some have asked about solutions for the issues and realities this site exposes.

One can only work toward genuine, effective solutions via thoroughly grasping the issues, of course.

Although the main motivation for this web site is to inform Americans how most
investment portfolios and/or retirement plans and programs are majorly threatened if not doomed,
plus how best to protect many if not all of ones nest egg(s) by making them golden..

Since the question of solution(s) is quite understandable,
this page relates some additional realities highly relevant to grasping the challenge(s) fully.

The question of solutions is addressed after examining these revealing realities.

Although few Americans know it exists, The Bank for International Settlements (BIS),
the world’s de facto central bank, has been a crucial facilitator
of the massive transfer of wealth from the many to the few, especially since 1971.

Any serious inquiry into solutions requires understanding banking’s role in monopolizing wealth and power.

The following sketch of BIS realities is thus highly relevant.

Set up during Hitler’s reign, the world’s central banks and megabanks confer regularly
at BIS world headquarters in Switzerland to integrate and coordinate global banking,
including steering monetary policies crucial to each country’s and the world’s financial system.

Although the world’s most prominent banksters, like the US Federal Reserve Chair, and Treasury Secretary
travel to Switzerland regularly to meet with their global counterparts in banking, government, and finance,
MainSpin Media never mention these overseas trips and these ultra-top-secret,
maximally crucial meetings and deliberations greatly impacting all seven billion of us.

BIS is the most crucial institution to how lubricated and integrated
international trade, commerce and finance became since WWII.

As the Wikipedia article linked above reports, BIS was virtually run by and aided Nazis hugely,
hence narrowly escaped dissolution after World War II.

Although central banks are reportedly its sole owners now, anyone familiar with central banking
knows the über wealthy who own and control the world’s biggest banks also rule central banks.

The US Federal Reserve Bank’s shares, for instance, are almost entirely owned by megabanks,
including megabank branches of foreign-owned banks operating in the US.

While The Fed claims its shares are just a formality, most members of Fed Bank Boards are consequently
megabank representatives, as Congress just acknowledged: “Banks have a big say in who..oversees them.”
Including who sets the all-important FOMC monetary policies investors ever hold their breath to learn.
Can you spell Fox guarding Hen House?

Recent history makes abundantly clear the Federal Reserve is a maximally private, opaque institution.
Claims of Congressional oversight are nothing but window dressing,
as numerous top banking experts acknowledge: Congress is kept utterly in the dark,
not least because essentially none of Its Members have expertise in banking. (Ron Paul a rare exception.)

Far too late, Congress got the NY Fed president to squirm a bit recently, but now that banksters enjoy
their $Gillions of spoils scott-free with the statute of limitations expired, this insider
who left Goldman Sachs in 2009 to oversee his Wall Street buddies
was free to admit the Fed was “not willing to” impede the most outrageous financial crime spree of all time.*

*see above link for sources

Endless evidence demonstrates global megabanks’ über wealthy owners
are intimately involved in every Fed function and decision, if not dominating them entirely:

As a prominent authority, prestigious Georgetown University Professor Carroll Quigley put it: (source)
“Since government officials are ignorant of finance, they seek advice from bankers they consider experts.
“History shows..the advice given to governments by bankers, like the advice they gave industrialists,
was consistently good for bankers, but was often disastrous for governments..and the people generally.”

Central banks’ primary, essentially sole function is to serve and bolster banks,
and thus banks’s mega-wealthy owners primarily – regardless endless verbiage spun by their pawns,
like Greenspan and Bernanke (see damning quotes in “Scheme” link below).

Bernanke confirmed as much January ’15, noting the monetary policy decisions the world holds its breath for
every six weeks or so issue from “deadly boring, very scripted” FOMC meetings:
“The staff do all the work and they write the communique in advance of the decision making.”

Who’s in charge of the Fed’s staff? The shareholders, of course = megabanks = Crooks in Charge (more below).

These banking realities demonstrate central banks are a core aspect of economic and financial realities
crucial to grasp and understand before attempting to formulate any solution(s).
Even more crucial BIS plus banking realities in general must also be adequately grasped:

Media have reported the world’s banks, especially megabanks are having to adopt new policies
to meet the “Basel III rules.” That’s because BIS world headquarters is in Basel, Switzerland:

“Basel” rules are BIS rules, that is, the rules of the game especially global megabanks
and their über-wealthy owners establish and agree to.

Although BIS’ mission statement declares primary focus on global “monetary and financial stability..”
Recurring currency and other crises, not least 1997’s Asian crisis and 2008’s first-ever global panic
indicate the BIS is either incompetent, powerless, or actually has other aims.

While developing the band-aid Basel III rules in reaction to the 2008 crisis does not prove
the BIS deliberately refrained from opposing the worst out-of-this world financial bubble of all time,
people do say where there’s smoke there’s fire:
Although it might be possible the global academic and industry leaders in charge of the world’s central and
megabanks were unable to notice banking worldwide was mushrooming over the moon after 2000,
that is the least likely possibility.
Also speaking volumes is the BIS failed to issue any timely warnings.

Further smoke if not fire is the 90+% continue to suffer virtually all the pain of the 2008 crash,
have been left much far further behind, ever more impoverished in the dust since,
as reported on this site’s PORTAL page, e.g: 1% now own more wealth than 95%.

The NY Fed president quoted above admitting they turned a blind eye
to Wall Street’s outrageous crime spree erased all but the last shred of doubt
BIS stood idly by as well – putting it far too nicely: There’s no doubt, as the pinnacle of global banking,
BIS was a major enabler, if not primary coordinator of this worst financial crime spree ever.

No wonder the then head of England’s central bank cherished BIS’ ultra-top-secret meetings:

“We are not speaking in a public forum. We can say what we really think and believe.”

While on paper banks must follow BIS dictates, they’re all on the same side in reality,
share the same goals overall, so there’s essentially no friction; it’s far more like a gentlemen’s club
– of wolves in sheep’s clothing, that is. (Wearing wool spun from banksters’ diabolical debt money (see below).)

Similarly, although Wall Street megabanks compete with each other in endless ways,
their stocks are mostly owned by a few holding companies controlled by the über wealthy.

As Professor Quigley succinctly put it, although banksters are
“much divided and often fight among themselves,” they exert “great influence [over] political life.”

Like Mafia families ever competing and jostling over territory that close ranks to defend each other
from law enforcement, bureaucrats and/or politicians when necessary:

Banksters and their über wealthy owners ever work together in exploiting the rest of humanity.

Whether many, few, or none of them are consciously aware they exploit others
does not negate the dominating effects and consequences of their activities and decisions. E.g:

Dozens of Wall Street mega M/B-illionaires were caught on video reveling in their rape and plunder exploits
at a top-secret initiation ritual, by an undercover reporter who snuck past security.

Prominent Wall Street muckraker Michael Lewis describes The Street’s “work: gaming ratings companies,
designing securities to fail so they..make a killing off..investors they dupe into buying them,
rigging various markets at the expense of the wider society,
and encouraging all sorts of people to do stuff with their capital and companies they never should.”

Wall Street made sure Madoff laundering vast $Billions ($Trillions?) for them never came out in court. Is it not likely
Wall Street made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to accept punishment without trial that would have exposed the laundering?
Did they threaten his family members? Was his son’s death actually suicide, or ensuring surviving family members’ silence?

IMF economist Claudio Loser affirmed heartless greed as the sole motivation of Wall Street bankers acquiring
Puerto Rico’s distressed bonds, stating “the sole proper motive in business is pursuit of profit,” regardless the consequences:
in that case massive cuts to public spending banksters demanded while investing $Billions in Puerto Rican resorts,
thus further impoverishing that US territory by replacing white-collar with low-scale resort jobs,
hence: Bankster greed is burying Puerto Rice ever deeper in its quagmire. source: this AlJazeera exposé

Professor Quigley’s exhaustive, 1300+-page treatiseq relates the multi-century campaign
“to create a world system of financial control in private hands..
to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.

“The apex of the system [is] the Bank for International Settlements, a private bank owned and
controlled by the world’s central banks which are themselves private corporations.
“Each central bank..[seeks] to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans,
to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country,
and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.”

qexcerpt is from above linked page; entire treatise downloadable from this page

As the page “Banksters’ Scheme for the Confiscation of Wealth” (in plain sight) discusses in detail:

Banksters’ Debt Money is a universal juggernaut monopoly tool,r
cares virtually nothing for borders, especially the last couple decades when globalization mushroomed.

ras Rothschilds certainly mastered, whether one literally stated so or not

Crucial to understanding banking, then, is understanding how a debt money system
automagically transfers wealth from the many to the few, as Greenspan described in his youth,
naming it “a scheme for the confiscation of wealth” —

before he sold out to become the worst debt money Maestro ever.

Since the above linked page describes the Scheme in detail, those discussions are not repeated herein.

In brief: Debt money is just lent into existence, is created out of nothing whenever a bank issues a loan.
Since most everyone including bankers want evermore lending, the amount of money (debt) ever increases,
causing the debt money to lose value since there’s “ever more money chasing the same amount of goods.”
The value of outstanding loans thus diminishes, while the price of assets increases, making the wealthy,
who enjoy maximum access to credit, automagic asset vacuum accumulators as their net worth ever rises effortlessly,
making them ever more eligible to borrow ever more funds to acquire ever more of everyone else’s assets.
Nixing the gold standard in 1971 to culminate debt money’s monopoly is the primary reason the US went from
the greatest middle class society of all time then to a typical banana republic wealth/income distribution nowadays.
Only rare present-day Americans know colonists hated debt money because they were onto this very ancient scheme.

As demonstrated above, megabanks’ über wealthy owners dominate the BIS and global banking,
hence control and direct banking’s primary function of concentrating evermore wealth in ever fewer hands.

Central bank heads, politicians, and other public and private officials who administer
the world’s financial system, including regular meetings at BIS world headquarters,
are fundamentally and essentially servants of their über wealthy masters.

These über wealthy multi-billionaires are the world’s banksters in chief.

Their wealth, connections and power provide endless opportunities to dominate global finance/banking.

Appended at bottom is Professor Quigley’s succinct description how the über wealthy
control and rule global banking, finance, the entire world’s economy via their bankster pawns.

Like all debtors, nations have little choice but yield to domination by global banksters. Countless examples.

E.g: The main reason World War II’s Axis powers did not invade Switzerland
is they needed Swiss banks to conduct their international transactions and borrowing.

The Swiss admit they helped finance Axis crimes to avoid losing their sovereignity.

An acute example: As the Subprime meltdown “tossed millions..out on the street,”
Washington and Its “Treasury [concentrated on] providing a soft landing for..banks” after
Thousands if not a million bankster fraudsters bagged $Trillions in fees and foreclosed homesteads
but will never be prosecuted: Uncle Shame let the statute of limitations expire on
by nearly if not more than a hundred times the worst financial fraud spree in history.

It’s not easy to find a human being who wants to upset his banker.

BIS coordinating and greasing the wheels of international banking and finance is arguably
the most crucial factor in corpoRapions becoming multinationals, answerable to virtually no government:
E.g, Most of the largest S&P 500 Blue Chip stocks
now obtain a great majority of their profits overseas, including Intel and IBM, along with most of
Wall Street’s megabanks, especially Morgan Stanley and Goldman; for Intel it’s around 90% overseas.

A decade ago when Exxon was the world’s largest corporation, a decade-and-a-half after its Valdez
defiled Alaska, Exxon declared it did not have 2 $Billion to pay court-ordered damages,
the same year it booked over 35 $Billion in profit, most distributed to shareholders.

Rare to non-existent are examples of CorpoRapions not deserving that epithet.

Globalization would have been lots harder without BIS integrating banking into a single global system,
crucial to creating the ever more unified, single global CorpoRape-and-plunder economy.

BIS is arguably more secretive than the CIA and NSA that at least have to report to Congress.

The BIS reports to no one.

Again, other central banks and megabanks are very much
involved in running it, but they keep their knowledge of BIS doings ultra top secret.

BIS officials have complete diplomatic protection, untouchable by any nation or international body.

(Basel residents, however, always know a day or three before media report a financial crisis:
the BIS tower’s office lights remain on all night.)
A crucial BIS function is arranging mega bailouts on the QT when a bank gets into big-time trouble:
BIS is the world’s ultimate Lender of Last Resort – for banks, that is.
BIS is to banks, including central banks, what the IMF and World Bank are to nations, plus lots more!

Even its name is a front, since BIS hasn’t settled international transactions in decades.

BIS = fox guarding hen house, full of humanity sitting ducks.

It’s thus obvious global banking, banksters, and especially their überwealthy owners
form the core of the exploitative and oppressive realities this site reveals.

One further example provides additional crucial perspective for contemplating the question of solution(s).

Although BIS provides essentially no info about its operations, activities, and deliberations,¹
once a year it does publish its annual assessment of the world economy and financial system,
a highly prized book of data, analysis and commentary – especially since no one knows better
what’s really going on inside the world’s CorpoRapions and financial realms than the world’s banksters,
and no one has more inside bankster info than BIS.

Maximally relevant was the June 2007 report, the same month two Bear Stearns fund failures
began waking the world up to the SubPrime horror.

(The charts at bottom² demonstrate insiders knew banks were in trouble months before
when megabank stocks turned sharply down from the peak they still today remain almost 50% below.
Megabanks continue to be the main drag on US stocks they’ve been for almost eight years now, bv far the worst-performing sector.
(Although the losses aren’t pleasant, stock appreciation is the least reason the über wealthy love controlling banks.))

¹research and position papers the sole exception
click ² above or here to view charts

BIS’ 2007 report included unprecedented warnings of the chaos everyone knows followed.

Red Alert: BIS’ report this year (2015) broadcast similar dire warnings!

In ’07, major European media did a decent job reporting BIS’ alarms, especially the International Business Editor
of London’s Daily Telegraph, one of Europe’s most prominent business and financial news sources.

The Telegraph’s editor faithfully reported the eight most glaring warning signs the BIS broadcast.

In extreme contrast, US financial media utterly failed to even mention the BIS had issued a report,
including Wall Street Journal, Barrons, all other Dow Jones publications, Forbes, Yahoo Finance,
MarketWatch.. plus leading daily papers, including NY Times, Chicago Tribune, and LA Times.

Bloomberg was the sole American exception, but their comparatively brief report
sounded like the BIS was OK with where things were heading, and
utterly failed to mention even a whiff of BIS’ eight glaring warning signs!

Nazi Minister of Propaganda Goebbels would have been delighted.

Any serious student knows US media only broadcast CorpoRape and 0.01% spin, smoke and mirrors.

Eminent news anchor Dan Rather vividly describes pressures preventing journalists telling it like it is:

“The fear..you will have a flaming tire..put around your neck..keeps journalists from asking
the toughest of the tough questions.” Also telling is his statement only appeared in foreign media,
first in England’s Guardian no less. He recently declared:

“Big corporate media is in bed with big government. Whether the government is in the hands
of Republicans or Democrats, they want the news presented to their mutual benefit,
not to the viewer’s benefit.” The link is a full transcript of his damning remarks.

A pervasive and obvious example of media censorship
is the prohibition of pictures of wounded or dead American soldiers.

Rather finally felt forced to leave MainSpin Media years ago to be freer to report the truth.
His team regularly exposes realities and situations MSM distort or don’t dare mention.

While the blogosphere and foreign media report grim economic realities this site exposes,
MainSpinners blame economic malaise on:
lack of “belief in the American dream,” “economic sentiments,” and/or “pessimistic attitudes.”

The motto of MainSpin Media is “All the news fit to spin into 1% agendas.”

Countless similarly outrageous examples are a major reason we patriots felt a Paul Revere duty
to create this web site. Unfortunately, the world’s Red Coats long since invaded and conquered,
and set up the unprecedented chaos dead ahead to freak Americans out like never before.

Although almost 30% of voters agreed last year “a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda
is conspiring to..rule the world through an authoritarian world government, a New World Order

(and likely more agree now), it’s far too late for enough Americans to wake up to halt the triumph
of two centuries of covert warfare global familial dynasties waged to overthrow the American Revolution,
as endless evidence in plain sight attests. E.g:

Tireless crusader Ellen Brown just exposed how
Uncle Shame’s latest banking rules will cripple local governments’ finances.

It’s hard for most Americans to accept ruthless Crooks are in Charge of this country
– as throughout human history and before –
especially because they rarely encounter such in everyday life. Most people are fundamentally honest
and hardworking, otherwise one would have to drive around in an armored vehicle.

An exposé by one of the first women to break through Wall Street’s glass ceiling, Catherine Austin Fitts,
discloaks in some depth the fatalistic and callous attitudes prevailing at the top echelons of power,
where deeds most would consider heinous are rationalized as “the way things are.”

Power corrupts especially by promoting the most capably ruthless to the top of the reeking pile,
the most successful cons, liars, frauds, tricksters, those best able to pull wool over sheople’s eyes
while fleecing them.

Even Forbes acknowledges research demonstrating three to four times more psychopaths
among CorpoRape executives than the general population. The book and film the Corporation
exposes the evolution of this psycopathic domination/exploitation juggernaut over centuries.

But none dare mention how the most driven psychopaths seek maximum power, hence scruples
are rare to absent where power/enrichment is greatest, in megabanks and especially their owners.

God only knows the percentage of psychopaths among megabanksters and the 0.01%, since their ranks
are packed with champion psychopaths who conquered all others vying for such global power,
who also long since learned to avoid or at least spoof psychological testing.

Although psychology remains conflicted and unsure what drives psychopathic behavior, it’s obvious
those hungriest for world-class wealth and power feel extreme needs for such seeming securities,
have monstrous levels of insecurity, fears, anxieties driving them to dominate and control
their surroundings far more than most. Many have teams of bodyguards, some even private armies.

The continual pursuit of evermore possessions recalls the tragic, ancient Greek tales of Midas
who wanted nothing but gold. The more one has the less possible it is to appreciate the wonders
and beauties of each ray of Sunshine, each unique snowflake, each warm embrace,
each inexplicable, deliciously scented rose petal, each wondrous eyelash..
miraculous Life’s endless glories.

A number of studies of wealthy subjects confirm they are much less easily satisfied than the rest of us.

In a poll, 1%-ers frankly affirmed their ruthless exploitative, let-them-eat-cake attitudes.

These realities most Americans may never acknowledge, however, do not mean solution(s) are impossible.
As promised, this page will address the question of solution(s), after noting a few more crucial realities.

Veterans of last century’s Cold War are amazed at the new normals of international cooperation.

Among the most striking are extensive cooperation between US and Russian military and space agencies.
One can only wonder how many US military secrets have been shared with Russia via cooperative efforts
like US astronauts blasting off Russian soil to the International Space Station on Russian rockets.
Less known is Russian rocket engines are used on numerous US rockets, including those for spy satellites.

Perhaps even more astounding is especially oil producers, the entire oil industry worldwide working together
to crush crude oil prices starting in 2014, as exposed on this page revealing marginal global supply excesses
cannot at all account for oil collapsing in price over 50%.
That page also examines possible reasons the world’s most powerful would wish to crush oil prices – for now!

Questions of joint US-Russian military/space efforts pale compared to an astounding revelation in plain sight
no media at all reported (raising the question how much all media are censored, at least via fears of going too far):

Here’s NSA’s map of its spying sites The Guardian published, courtesy Sir Champion Snowden,
with maps of Russia and China added above and below (respectively) to clarify:

One can see this ultra-top-secret US “domestic” spy agency has spying INSTALLATIONS
on both Russian and Chinese soil!
The Russian site is near Moscow, the Chinese site northwest of Hong Kong.n

The integration of America’s top-secret global electronic spying network
into the domestic infrastructure of its former chief international enemies
– an utterly unimaginable impossibility during the Cold War –
speaks VOLUMES about international relations:

It’s also virtually impossible to imagine these nations would tolerate such a violation of their sovereignity
– the US capturing private, commercial, plus government communications, including military and intelligence,
while probably having at least some success breaking encryption codes –
unless US readily shares with these host countries communications among the hosts’ own citizens it captures.

The above spy map renders
the astounding video of then-President Bush and Putin making light of their superpower tensions
when they thought microphones and recording had been turned off
vastly more comprehensible.

Regarding superpowers’ customary posturings, threats, and bluster: Can you spell Dog and Pony Show?

It’s also now obvious one of the US’ primary roles in the New World Order
is to be the world’s Orwellian Big Brother-in-Chief. Hence:

“US government is brutal and relentless in its..zeal to [torture]* hackers even when harm was negligible.”

So wrote NY Attorney Tor Ekeland. Who also put it more like it is than ~300 million have the guts to:

“U.S. prison system is a dystopian Dostoyevskian nightmare.”

*a far more apt expression than Mr. Ekeland used,
as his report makes clear in numerous barbaric details.

It seems tragically far too late for Americans to wake up to the fact
the more injustice rules in a society the less everyone is safe..
Especially those unable to afford a private army, or some guards at least,
plus whatever it takes to purchase/secure favor with the powers that be.

 While NSA sites in Russia and China may be inside US diplomatic missions, both nations are obviously tolerating
supertankers of internet traffic constantly flowing in and out of these facilities, can not have failed to surmise what’s up
= collusion of the blatant kind.

These and countless other realities make clear national governments have been subsumed,
are already literally ruled by “a secretive power elite, the New World Order.”

Political and ideological conflicts between major powers nowadays
are more smoke screens and crowd control: fear makes populations much easier to influence, mislead.
By far the major, most consequential conflicts among the major powers are just economic:
which oligarchs and familial dynasties will reap the profits of what resources and enterprises.

Political leaders are primarily just pawns of the über wealthy. For example, few know
Wall Street made more contributions to Obama’s first Presidential campaign than any other industry by far:
More than half of ALL his contributions came from Wall Street plus corpoRape law firms,
much if not most of whose retainers and fees are paid by Wall Street as well,
and it’s obvious who Wall Street and big law firms primarily serve — a rather small %.

A current, blatantly egregious example of global corpoRapions pursuing 1% interests at expense of 90+% is
fighting hydroelectric projects in SE Asia that would benefit millions.

Unthinkable, shocking, horrific as these realities seem to most, it’s not all bad. Thoughtful
observers of the last couple decades have noticed a huge reduction in not only international tensions,
but armed conflicts as well, especially among the world’s most powerful nations,
plus also nearly everywhere else, as global data linked below affirm.

And as Ukraine’s continuing crises demonstrate: Despite intense conflicts of interest between East and West,
both sides are using mealy-mouthed rhetoric Reagan would have considered pathetically wimpy,
repeatedly asserting they have no interest in military intervention.

If Russia had come anywhere close to just attempting to annex Crimea three decades ago,
both Reagan and EU would have responded with military action, not just jawboning.

(Western interests are also happy they escaped the uphill battle
of trying to integrate that island/peninsula’s primarily ethnic Russian population with Ukrainians.)

Global statistics on war, armed conflicts, and deaths they cause reveal a sharp drop the past quarter century,
despite a small uptick due to current Middle East conflicts. (search link above for “track”)

The New, globalized World Order is primarily pacifist because the world’s power elite
have globally diversified portfolios:
They have lots to lose from warfare pretty much anywhere and everywhere in the world,
do not want $Billions worth of assets / investments blown to smithereens ANYWHERE.

Unthinkable as it is to most of humanity presently: Warfare between nations,
certainly between major powers, is already extinct, as will be clear to everyone within years.

Millennia of separate empires striving and warring for advantage over each other
have been overthrown by a global network of über wealthy oligarchs
who ever jostle behind the scenes for economic and financial advantage,
much like mafia families ever compete over territory and other prizes.

Earth is now ruled by Lords and Ladies of Untouchable Wealth and Power (LLUWP*).

(If some place becomes inhospitable, they simply move, to another jurisdiction
safe from extradition if necessary, easily affording any payoffs required.)

*pronounced yoop [in Spanish, ll = y in English]
— or aloowp, rhyming with aloof and elite (somewhat)

Prominent economics professor Michael Hudson explains it:

“Finance is the new form of warfare – without the expense of a military overhead..
A competition in credit creation to buy [the world’s] resources…
Who needs an army when you can obtain..monetary wealth and asset appropriation
simply by financial means?” source

While most of humanity is already enjoying the end of military warfare (more-or-less),
the global surveillance police state plus domination of commerce and governments by LLUWP psychopaths
mean Heaven on Earth will remain a distant reality at best. For example:

The political system is so dominated by CorpoRape lobbying and contributions, ideals get nowhere,
as US Congressman Bob Inglis laments: “When politicians don’t feel any support underneath them,
they don’t lead. I know a good number know better.”

As noted on this site’s PORTAL page,

No less than Princeton and Northwestern Universities demonstrate

US is no longer a democracy:”

“Economic and..business elites” determine “U.S. government policies.”

“The majority does not rule.”

Their analysis of nearly two thousand policy decisions recent decades
reveals the 0.01% prevailed against the great majority’s wishes, virtually without exception.

Über wealthy Crooks are so in Charge, the most heinous financial crimes in history destroying
homeownership for millions more Americans before the SubPrime horror is over
will continue untouched by prosecutors, millions of perpetrators getting off scott free..
plus $Millions and $Billions richer.

A Republican government official complains:
“When you try to address [such outrages], you run into a hornet’s nest of financial interests.”

A former Republican (!) governor chastises his party’s Members of Congress:
“In the Washington world things are about control of the news cycle and the next election.”
They need to work at “finding ways [to] solve problems.”

Two decades too late, MainSpin Media* finally confessed to one all-out war crime: unjustly discrediting
reporter Gary Webb’s courageous bombshell discloaking the CIA behind the crack cocaine epidemic.
One can only wonder how much heinous tyranny commandeering this country since
might have been curtailed had the truth survived back then.

Would Gary Webb were the sole victim of criminality becoming standard American operating procedure!

*farr too polite a term

While the rapidly approaching worst global crash of all time
– US at ground zero as by multiple times the most bankrupt nation ever –
will overwhelm most of humanity, the LLUWP and their most trusted henchmen/women
have been preparing themselves for the chaos for years (many for decades),
not least by looting literally now $Trillions worth of gold from the West’s central banks
(that have at most tiny fractions left of the gold bars they publicly claim, as much evidence attests).
As gold soars to unimaginable heights over the next few or so years, they’ll deploy
the stratospheric gains to buy up pretty much the rest of the world they don’t already own
at fire-sale prices, just as the Great Depression created more millionaires than any other era
(many would now be billionaires).

Crashes are one of the LLUWP’s three greatest loves, the other two
being war* (military spending is supremely full of graft and profit)
and their debt money Scheme for the Confiscation of Wealth.

One reason the LLUWP planned the Worst Global Crash of all time dead ahead is they realized
globally diversified portfolios are better than risky warfare, so they’ve positioned themselves
to get by without, after millennia of profiting handsomely from wars.

*E.g: After the Soviet Union unravelled, global military budgets were shrinking alarmingly.
When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, the cover of the leading US arms manufacturing trade magazine
was filled with Saddam Hussein’s face headlined with “Way to Go, Saddam!”

While most researchers focus on how massive LLUWPs’ multi-$Billion known portfolios* are,
the main way LLUWP rule is via controlling interests in the world’s largest corpoRapions, especially banks,
plus commanding politics and political leaders with indomitable power their imperial wealth affords.

Further LLUWP details are on this page.

*all such estimates depend on
legally mandated public disclosures; total wealth remains private as possible.

– To those losing patience to hear about solutions, please hang on a bit longer:
As stated, genuine solutions require thorough comprehension of the issues. –

Now that 1% of Americans own more than 95% do, there’s no contest:
nearly all are buried in debt or paupers, with essentially no means to oppose the Crooks in Charge
and their NSA total surveillance Brave-Not! New-Not! World Order of fascism über alles:
A good half if not two-thirds of all workers depend on government spending, from teachers to firemen,
public works and military contractors, plus medical workers much of whose income is from
government programs for the elderly and indigent, plus CorpoRape and government worker health plans.

Even if the greatest middle class society of all time still existed now, four decades later
99% have no idea bankster Hamiltonians who failed to triumph over Jeffersonians in by far
the hardest-fought battle of the Constitutional Convention spent the next two centuries
virtually eradicating knowledge of the debt money Scheme for the Confiscation of Wealth from US soil.

It is thus impossible for present-day Americans to address the evil spirit that infected everyone
and erased familiarity with the multi-millennial wars banksters and the wealthy have waged against
real money, especially gold, as discussed on the page explaining their pernicious debt money scheme.

The unique opportunity Columbus’ courageous voyage provided to escape millennia
of Old World imperial tyranny, exploitation, monopoly, domination
is long gone with the wind.

One can thus understand why the LLUWP directed Wall Street to finance the transfer of America’s
manufacturing superiority overseas (especially after they bankrupted and imploded their Soviet Union):

The most freedom-loving population on Earth was their chief enemy and obstacle,
75 if not 90+% now reduced to hopelessly bankrupt, ignorant, hence, powerless paupers.

The monstrous Jinn/Genie is out of the bottle.
Even if Shem* can, it’s far from clear God would put the Jinn back inside
on this Planet of Lessons, where we endlessly clueless humans gain lessons to last all eternity:
School of Hard Knocks often the only way, as countless lives demonstrate in spades.

*She/him = androgynous pronoun, and a Hebrew name for God

Since many if not the great majority of we billions deeply long for Paradise on Earth,
few find it easy to comprehend why endless varieties of sufferings occur so commonly, pervasively,
often so seemingly senselessly.

Most fortunate are those sufficiently familiar with Initiation Science to understand
“Here we have no continuing home.” Rather, life on Earth presents
endless opportunities to grow strengths and capacities to become servants of the Good.  Hebrews 13

Those not yet sufficiently aware of life on Earth’s true goals easily get distracted
like Pinocchio into ways ever leading to painful lessons.

Most fortunate are those who know Jiminy Cricket is ever with one, and cultivate heeding his whisperings.

The True Future is learning to live as untouched and disconnected, as free from imperial, tyrannous,
inhuman ways as possible, especially working to let go of any such tendencies within ones own being.

Only to the extent individuals and groups find ways to just say No! to tyranny and empire
can they begin to find ways to live more humanly, peacefully, cooperatively, happily, fulfillingly.

The cliché is true: It takes a village.
Mass society never worked, never will. It’s humans imitating wolf pack / herd animal behavior:
the eternal pursuit of alpha, ones place in the pecking order = domination, exploitation, monopoly:
the most ruthless and vicious dominate just like they do in wolf and spotted hyena packs.

Rather than such hierarchical, top-down power structures, the horizontal circle of a tribal council is
the archetype of healthy social interactions, where each has a voice and decisions are found via consensus.

Signs of awakening to truly human ways of living and working together
are evident in many ways to those with eyes that see. These seeds of the True Future
will gradually emerge and eventually flourish during the further course of Earth evolution.

Chellis Glendinning describes indigenous people viscerally understanding how inhuman debt money is:
Many moons ago, some megabank genius decided just what her rural community
of mainly subsistence homesteads needed was a shiny new ATM machine.
In no time at all the locals “shot the ATM machine to pieces.”
Three decades later, according to Google Maps, the nearest ATM remains miles away.

The now global Restorative Justice movement bears wondrous seeds of social healing
thousands if not millions have already benefitted from. One of the first reports
of these truly human efforts provides an excellent introduction and overview (pdf file).

Hard as it is for most sensibilities to imagine or stomach,
a truly human, just culture can only exist when all relate to Mother Earth’s wondrous, glorious resources
like Chief Seattle:
“How can you BUY the land?”

The same attitude is evident in the opening chapters of Acts of the Apostles.

With prayers for you and yours

– And for the LLUWP, for they already have most if not all their desirable rewards.


Professor Quigley on Global Domination by the Über Wealthy

(somewhat abbreviated; some terms updated; source, p. 326)

“Although heads of the world’s central banks are substantive powers in world finance, they’re
just agents of investment bankers who raise them up, and are perfectly capable of throwing them down.
“The substantive financial powers of the world are in the hands of these investment bankers
who remain largely behind the scenes in private banks.
“They form a system of international cooperation and national dominance which is more private,
more powerful, and more secret than their agents in the central banks.
“This dominance of investment bankers is based on their control over the flows of credit
and investment funds in their own countries and throughout the world.
“They dominate the financial and industrial worlds by controlling the flow of funds
through interbank loans, the discount rate, and the re-discounting of commercial debts
[plus nowadays especially, most supremely: via endless derivatives, of course].
“They dominate governments by their control over government loans and foreign exchange.
“All this power is exercised by the personal influence and prestige of men
who have demonstrated their ability..to bring off successful financial coup,
to keep their word, to remain cool in a crisis,
and to share their winning opportunities with their associates.”

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²Megabanks (BKX) begin leading US stock markets down February 2007:

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plot of BKX and S&P500 in 2007

Megabanks are the primary drag on US stocks this century:

plot of BKX and S&P500 since 2007

click the chart to see latest close

Megabanks’ sharp fall at the turn of the millennium also popped the NASDAQ bubble:

plot of BKX, S&P500 and NASDAQ 1999 to 2002

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Did Wall Street force Bernie Madoff to accept prison without trial
to keep a lid on the untold $Billions if not $Trillions he laundered?

Only collusion among global Crooks in Charge can explain oil collapsing more than 50% in 2014:
the minuscule increase in global crude production could only move prices slightly by itself.

IMF economist asserts sole proper motivation in business is profit, regardless the consequences to others.

1%-ers frankly affirmed their ruthless exploitative, let-them-eat-cake ways in a recent poll.

Then Bank of England head lauded BIS’ ultra-top-secret workings coordinating global banking
= exploitation/domination.

Statisticians document unprecedented decline in global warfare and other armed conflicts.

Wall Street covered up how Madoff was their Money Launderer-in-Chief for decades

studies of the wealthy confirm they’re much less easily satisfied than the rest of us

additional crucial details of NSA spying inside China and Russia

global corpoRapions pursuing profit by fighting development beneficial to millions

much improved NSA map

Former Republican (!) governor chastises his party’s parasitic Members of Congress

References to Chief Seattle and Acts of the Apostles

Paragraph commenting how psychopaths are able to appreciate much less than most

Michael Lewis’ poignant description of Wall Street’s exploitative, fleecing ways

MainSpin Media blame economic malaise on:
lack of “belief in the American dream,” “economic sentiments,” and/or “pessimistic attitudes”
The motto of MainSpin Media is “All the news fit to spin into 1% agendas.”

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