12 April


Master Fraudsters of Phantom Wealth

Although borrowing, credit/debt is such a fundamental part of contemporary American life*
only rarely does one find an American actually knowledgeable about lending and banking.

The few who grow up with or acquire adequate comprehension know
how difficult it is for those on the outside to understand ones words and concepts.
And also know why it’s very much in banksters’ interest to keep things this way.

*like nowhere else on Earth

It’s particularly hard for most Americans to understand banks are not repositories of money nor wealth,
certainly not in the ways most Americans think of wealth and money.
At many times and places in the past there were facilities that primarily served such functions,
as still exists in many places on Earth nowadays. Many facilities in India, for instance,
just provide private vaults where an individual can store ones own valuables in ones own rented vault.

In maximum contrast, many banking facilities in the US offer no such service, not even a safe deposit box.

Contemporary FDIC banking is fundamentally and essentially an altogether different enterprise,
has nothing to do with storing valuables whatsoever. – Not least because
current nether interest rates continually rot away the value of funds millions of fools keep on deposit.

Hard as it is for most to get their heads around it,
US banks have nothing at all to do with being a repository nor store of wealth at all,
again: Certainly not in anything like the ways most of the populace think of wealth.

The present US banking and monetary system is best described as a debt money system.
Even better just as a system of debt, indebtedness, hooking victims into obligating, encumbering themselves.

As the US Federal Reserve System, the Fed describes in its literature, dollars in the banking system
are just lent into existence whenever a bank makes a loan.

In reality, banks are just ginormous to titanic mountains of debt, repositories of what they’re owed.

Banksters have an entirely different relationship with the concept of wealth and ownership than borrowers do.

Obtaining a mortgage on a home may be a good place to start seeing the world the way banksters do.

Banksters love encouraging home borrowers to think of themselves as the owner, but few consider how
a bank owning a mortgage or lien actually has more rights to the home than the occupant.
Anyone who fails to make payments on a home loan or perform any other requirements
quickly learns who really owns the home, far sooner than later.

Americans speak of owning the “equity” in their homes, but equity evaporates to nothingness in foreclosure.

Another reality may help open eyes to the world banksters dwell in: Every year American borrowers
abandon the better part of one if not several $Trillions of debt of every sort,
from mortgages to car and boat loans to credit cards.. etc. ad infinitum.
Despite what many would think catastrophic losses, not least the many $Trillions of mortgages
Subprime frauds annihilated, the vast majority of banks and lenders are still very much thriving,
ever accumulating ever more wealth for their owners (shareholders, especially majority shareholders).

Endless are the ways debt money banking is the “Scheme for the Confiscation of Wealth” Greenspan decried.*
ever transferring ever more wealth from the many to the few.

*in his youth before he sold out to become the worst debt money Maestro of all time.

Ever since the first debt money scheme was invented millennia ago (in India)
banksters and their wealthy owners have accumulated masses of wealth transferred from the many.
Most of the world’s family dynasties, many of them hundreds of years old (some even thousands)
owe their wealth to the debt money scheme, in one or more of the many forms it has assumed across the ages.

Since great wealth tends to provide great power, it’s no accident this scheme is by far
the greatest secret in plain sight on Earth.

Not irrelevant is considering how many class lessons on banking one experienced during formal schooling.

The above linked article includes examples how debt money was one of the core issues
American colonists were hottest about in their determination to be free of Old World ways.

It’s very relevant none of that history survived.

Even more relevant is the US was the greatest middle class society of all time in 1971:
a majority of adults owned a majority of all the assets in the nation,
a unique occurrence in millennia of recorded history.

Over the next few decades Americans fled back to feudal patterns that ever dominate humanity:
now the wealthiest 1% or less own more wealth than 95% combined,
one of the worst, most tragic transformations of a society ever.

Mortgage lending in 1971 paled in comparison to today: 30-year mortgages were unheard-of,
and down payments were more like 20%; second liens virtually unheard-of.
Total debt per person was only a few percent of today’s utterly astronomical debt orgy maximus stupendous.

Most of the wealth transferred from the many to the few since then was interest and rent payments.

In most households today, interest plus any rent is by far the largest single expense.

It’s no coincidence 1971 is when Nixon’s imperial-style decree axed the last vestige
of the monetary principles colonists fought and died for, severing US dollars’ last tie to gold.
Countless unconstitutional executive dictates followed that trailblazing course reversal back toward tyranny.

Colonists well understood debt money schemes were a primary pillar supporting Old World tyrannical ways
especially by ever automagically transferring wealth from the many to the few, as described in the above link.

Only rare Americans nowadays know the hardest-fought battles of the Constitutional Convention
were patriot Jeffersonians vs. bankster Hamiltonians, the latter ever pursuing,
promoting, and entrenching their age-old debt money schemes of exploitation, domination, tyranny…