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What’s New: Latest Additions and Updates (>80)

What’s Wrong? Why so many aspects of the economy keep getting worse, or barely improve?

US Economy Mired, actually Doomed by a dreaded DEBT TRAP

Perfect Storm Dooms Financial Markets

Both Bonds and Stocks Nowhere To Go But Freefall

Red Alert! US Government “preparing for unstoppable $100 Trillion American Meltdown”

16 Agencies issue unprecedented warnings, disclose Uncle Shame’s “Day After Plan

Economic and Financial Realities Tragically Too Few Americans Know Thesis (Portal page)

dozens of crucial realities MainSpin Media fail to report or distort; lots of charts, >130 links

Most Reliable Bear Market Warning Signs Flashing Red

Response to query: “When Will the Shoe Finally Drop?” including:

Unprecedented Warning < World’s Central Bank: Things Worse Now than ’07-’08 Crisis !

Most Crucial Stock Index Bubbling, bellwether-in-chief Russell 2000

(includes links to StockCharts for latest data)

chart: S&P Hits Extreme 10-yr P/E Ratios as Before 1929, Dot-Com, and SubPrime Crashes

Citibank’s currency traders warn Fed’s desperate QE threatens to “kick” US economy “over the..cliff.

Multiple Yardsticks Reveal Dollar’s Multi-Decade Collapse Accelerated This Century

Global Economy Leaves US in Collapsing Dollar Dust this century

Chris Martenson: “Using Gold to Protect Against Greatest Wealth Transfer of Our Lifetime

Banksters’ “Scheme for the Confiscation of Wealth” and Their Multi-Millennial War Against Gold

how debt-based monetary system(s) automagically transfer wealth/power from many to the few
an age-old scheme in plain sight camouflaged by endless smoke and spin

Solution(s)?: numerous fundamental ways 0.1% Banksters and other Crooks are in Charge
plus quintessential examples how MainSpin Media whitewash and utterly fail to report crucial info,
along with ways to work toward more human, just societies

Dan Rather castigates “Corporate Media in Bed with Big Government:

They want the news presented to their mutual benefit, not to the viewer’s benefit.” (transcript)

Dear Dear Mr. Snowden
homage to his incomparable sacrifices

Lords and Ladies of Untouchable Wealth and Power (LLUWP)
additional details on theme introduced in Solution(s)? page

The Gold Standard is a Human Standard” essential reading

by “The dean of investment newsletter writers” Harry D. Schultz

Alan Greenspan’s classic 1970s Essay “Gold and Economic Freedom

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