15 Mar’15


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Global Economy Leaves US in Collapsing Dollar Dust this century

Global GDP Surges Ahead (nominal) While US GDP Collapses almost 30%

adjusted for Dollar’s Loss of Value:


*click image for source, explanation

Global GDP ($billions)

compared to US Credit Market Debt (minus Fed QE’s)

data sources: World Bank, CIA, IMF, Federal Reserve

US’ Multi-Decade Debt Orgy Finally Hit End o’ da Line:

Virtually no one’s willing or able to take on more debt –
Despite utterly unheard-of low interest rates! Lenders also finally hit the end for numerous reasons:


*private sector, excluding financial,¹ per capita
¹ Wall Street is still bubbling out of its mind, of course.

US Now Stuck in a Dreaded No-Exit Debt Trap

Even Nominal* US GDP Stalls Out

*total, not adjusted for dollar’s collapse in value (4th graph below)

Unprecedented Fed Desperation Fails to Re-Ignite US Economy, nor Borrowing:

= Keynesian Fantasies Finally Reach $ Bubble Dead End

Above graphs demonstrate dollar collapse drove vast majority of increase in nominal GDP,
not population growth: Global GDP multiplied almost sixty times while population only tripled.

Dollar collapse due to US’ unprecedented debt orgy: Total debt exploded almost eighty times since 1960
= Lots more Dollars Chasing virtually Same Amount of Goods = Prices Skyrocket

Dollar Collapse Reflected in Oil and Gold Prices:


Above graph actually understates dollar collapse by orders of magnitude:
technological advances since 1971 cut costs of gold and oil extraction plus oil transport to small fractions as much, otherwise both mineral resources would be multiple times more expensive in dollars.

Most cost improvements occurred last two decades of last century, why prices steadiest then.
Also: Rest of world slowed dollar collapse this century by trashing their own currencies in global race to bottom.

Positive Effect of Borrowing on Economy Vanishes:


Since real GDP collapsed this century (graph at top of page), last column above should be negative:
economists may argue for centuries how much additional borrowing exacerbated GDP collapse.

*click image for source

Log chart reveals rates of credit growth in US peaked during Reagan administrations:

Rate of Debt Growth Falls Below Last Century

click image for source

Debt per Person Reveals Same Trend

data sources all other graphs: World Bank, CIA, IMF, Federal Reserve