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About EConRealities.org and

Provided as a public service to especially US residents:
Tragically few have any inkling how much disruptions and sufferings are dead ahead.

As with dozens of real estate crashes, financial panics and depressions in the past,
tragically few will catch on in time to protect themselves.

Since so much of the American Revolution has been undermined, compromised and dismantled
over more than a century and a half, few may ever catch on how much the ancient ways of empire,
monopoly, domination, exploitation, tyranny reasserted themselves.

The superseded patriots whose discoveries this site shares pray you find ways to live and be
as untouched as possible by unhealthy and unworthy ways on this Planet of Lessons,
where we gain endless capacities and skills for all Eternity..

Life ever presents opportunities to choose the Good, the True.. to live as Lovingly as one can,
to Care for others.

While it is regrettable conditions discourage these patriots from sharing their identities,
this site helps fulfill their duty to share these discoveries widely as possible.

This site incorporates more than a century of combined expertise in banking, business and investing.

Regarding Politics

Some have interpreted aspects of this site as showing a preference for one of the two US parties.
Since both groups are having their greatest orgastic party of domination, exploitation and tyranny ever
as numerous realities on this site attest,
not least Princeton and Northwestern Universities’ exhaustive research revealing
democracy is long since dead: 1% ever prevail over the rest in government policy decisions:
All true patriots would love to see the end of both orgastic, despicable parties.
We’re also quite certain political parties are monstrous dinosaurs at best.

Regarding a couple comments the centered text format on some pages is difficult to read:

Firstly: Thank you for caring enough to get in touch!

Most such pages are more listings of headings and topics, not typical prose articles.

In a world clamoring for maximally succinct messages (putting it nicely), we also felt unable to trust all readers to plow through lots of customary paragraphs each with multiple crucial points most have no idea they desperately need to know, buried in towering stacks of uniform-seeming lines. I.e, stacks of paragraphs like this one.

Although typographers can fuss about such muchly, it seems thorough research is lacking:

Our suspicions are non-justified text will actually prove easiest to read.
For the non-technical: that means ragged edges on both margins, left as well as right –
like this line and the three above it.

(We also wonder if some of the discomfort expressed is due more to the content than form.)

Finally, since most Americans are far too asleep – else we would not have created this site –
it seems avoiding usual and familiar is likely to do more good than harm.

Feedback, Queries, Comments

EConRealities.org encourages any and all feedback, comments, queries, even
flaming dragon breath: We much appreciate learning where others are at,
and especially appreciate getting corrected: any and everything to serve our fellow Americans,
extremely tragically few of whom sense their needs to know better and take action.

This site has been enhanced and improved in many ways by those caring enough to comment and contribute.

While we regret insufficient resources to promise an individual reply,
we do strive to answer significant questions, issues and requests via:
Corrections and improvements to the site – the best acknowledgment of helpful feedback.
Significant changes will be noted on the Updates page, or in lists of changes concluding some pages.

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You are welcome to include contact info, or not. Again, we cannot promise a reply.
Any personal info you provide will be kept strictly confidential by us.
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could be acquired by anyone with sufficient skills as it traverses the internet to this site’s server,
thence to one or more of us..
AND will almost if not surely be recorded and indexed on NSA servers
(along with the sending machine’s unique identifier(s), etc).

(If you do wish to be identified or acknowledged on this site, we may or may not honor such a request.)

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