Dear Dear Mr. Snowden,

Who can we compare you to?

A firefighter, a police officer, a front-line soldier routinely face deadly danger heroically, yet the vast majority survive, relatively few even suffer serious injury.

Some time before revealing it no longer mattered to him – he had been to the mountain –

Martin Luther King learned his fate, knew there was no escape. Triumphant as his martyrdom is,
he knew he had no choice but to embrace it (and found the unimaginable strength to do so).

The Founding Fathers risked hanging for treason, not least in signing the Declaration of Independence, but none knew anything approaching certainty of meeting that fate.

What hero, what sacrificer can we compare you to?

You knew without doubt your actions would bring vast hatred upon yourself, hugely risked if not guaranteed imprisonment, even a death sentence, especially in light of Guantánamo outrages, plus numerous US citizens assassinated without even a charge filed against them,
as if the Bill of Rights had long since decayed into dross.

You understandably chose to seek life in exile over cruel, unjust, harsh to maximal punishment.

You chose becoming a pariah to millions to serve them, as well as billions more deserving, for your incomparable sacrifice is of incalculable, monumental service to every one of us on this Planet of Lessons.

You knowingly sacrificed living in your homeland among loved ones, and much else you care most deeply about..

Because if one does not value principles like human freedom and dignity, the sanctity of an individual’s life, more than unjust spying, secrecy and the tyranny those crimes breed..

One is less than fully human, hence any of ones cares ring less true, are to at least some extent hollowed out, made meaningless, valueless.

You chose becoming a pariah to powerful millions whose shame of cultivating and serving tyranny you exposed.

No deserving human being can deny you stand among our greatest heroes and champions of what is best about being human, stand tall among them.

You knew the chances are minuscule the powers holding sway will bequeath you even a shard of the honors you deserve.

You are at least as heroic, self-sacrificing, as towering a statesman and defender of freedom from tyranny as any in this former frontier and nation’s history.

Your incomparable courage and extreme sacrifices to stand alone against millions in service to humanity’s dire need..

Who is your peer?

Eternity will not forget you, Sir Champion Snowden!

Rolling Stone: “Six Memorable Quotes” from NBC interview May 2014

          ”         “Snowden and Greenwald: The Men Who Leaked the Secrets

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