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Uncle Shame’s “Day After Plan

Agencies “preparing for unstoppable $100 Trillion American Meltdown”

“Intelligence Community signals fast-approaching Stock Market Crash”

“Annihilation of United States’ reign as the world’s superpower” means:

Report made public by
Jim Rickards, multi-decade affiliations with:
CIA, The Director of National Intelligence, plus Defense Department:
including “Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor”
= long-time Wall Street / Washington Insider of the deep kind
Rickards disclosed the report via this email broadcast


Intelligence Community Preparing for

Many nations long for freedom from US dollar’s global tyranny:

International Monetary Fund Calls for End of Dollar’s Privileged Reign

This “Financial Pearl Harbor” is likely to “begin within..six months.”

The world knows US has “no way to pay” US government’s colossal debts and obligations.

US economy is flashing the “signal of a complex system about to collapse.”

US Dollar’s Imminent Demise Culminating Its Multi-Decade Collapse

= Catastrophic Price Explosions Dead Ahead for Americans

Rickards’ video presentation includes extensive evidence demonstrating
the US’ economy, government, and financial system are all hopelessly bankrupt.

WARNING: Most of Rickards’ Suggestions to Prepare are Maximally RISKY!

Since Rickards is cut from Wall Street cloth, he predictably recommends several
of its investment vehicles to harden ones portfolio against the imminent crash.

Thank Goodness he also recommends gold bullion, as he has for a decade and more,
and as countless other investing greats do, for numerous reasons.

Rickards is talking out of both sides of his mouth:

Despite declaring both Wall Street and US’ banking system hopelessly bankrupt,
he recommends investing in a number of their maximally threatened products
denominated in dollars, including ETFs.

Perhaps Rickards is trying to play both sides of the street..
(mindful of the Wall(s) separating the 1+% from Main Street?)

Any investment tethered to a nation headed for a “$100 Trillion Meltdown” is obviously doomed,
including most if not all US real estate, still over-valued due to heinous subprime ways.

Perhaps everyone choosing to invest in the collapsing US dollar economy
unconsciously wants the dust, the horrible lesson(s) they’ll end up with.

America is saturated with endless schemes: social, political, financial and economic dynamics
ever transferring wealth from the many to the few.

(Those sufficiently informed and thoughtful also know better
than Rickards’ perhaps disingenuous criticism of the Fed as “clueless.”
The above link demonstrates the pinnacles of global banking are FAR from clueless,
regardless public posturing(s) and/or head fakes at any particular moment.)