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Lords and Ladies of Untouchable Wealth and Power (LLUWP)

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As described in detail on the Solution(s)? page, LLUWP* rule the world, especially via
controlling interests in CorpoRapions, especially banks, plus dominating politicians with imperial wealth.

*pronounced yoop [in Spanish, ll = y in English]
— or aloowp, rhyming with aloof and elite (somewhat)

E.g: Princeton and Northwestern Universities declare US is no longer a democracy:
“Economic and..business elites” determine “U.S. government policies.”

While MainSpin Media and commentators focus on high-profile LLUWP like Warren Buffett and Oprah,
and speculate much about secretive conclaves like the Bilderbergers,’ and Bohemian Grove:
“Politicians say there is no place like the Grove to help get a campaign rolling”
and where “business deals get done on all sides..”

The true LLUWP reality is: By far the most important meetings are at least as top-secret as NORAD’s,
mostly to utterly unknown: the world’s most highly guarded secrets are who pulls the most weight,
whose decisions have the greatest impact, directing ever more wealth and power into their personal treasuries.

Hence, no one really knows who the most powerful LLUWP are,
much less how they move and shake, ever maneuvering to dominate and exploit seven billion worldwide.

This page concludes with a pertinent example how LLUWP commonly get away with outrageous exploits
in plain sight their MainSpin Media outlets never mention, vastly more obedient* than the cowed citizens
in the tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes who dare not acknowledge blatant truth.

*as discussed in some detail on the Solution(s)? page

LLUWP agendas remain unknown until the triumphs are undeniable to all:
Not least the massive transfer of wealth that bankrupted the greatest middle class of all time,
reducing the world’s most freedom-loving, self-made populace ever four decades ago
to mostly serfs owning at most a few % of the former Land of the Free (net).

Especially difficult for New World Americans to understand is how Earth’s Lords and Ladies
pursue multi-decade agendas and campaigns, even multi-century, as they have for millennia.
Some Old World family dynasties survive not only from feudal times, even ancient Rome and Greece.
Obtaining, maintaining, perpetuating ever more familial wealth/power is the primary goal of many LLUWP.

LLUWP’s conquest of Earth culminating during the next few year’s unprecedented chaos
is the final triumph of literally centuries of ruthless, bloody plotting, warring, ravaging and plundering,
especially to destroy their Enemy Number One:
The American Revolution, especially the Bill of Rights, was by far the worst disaster LLUWP ever experienced,
certainly in millennia of recorded history:

“What?! No more Divine Right of Kings?!!..”

On a historical time scale, the last few centuries of somewhat more democratic rule in places
is an exception since empire was first invented millennia ago (before written history).

Only God may know how long the first-ever global LLUWP empire will last,
but certainly decades at least, in most of the world, especially the major economies.

As the Solution(s)? page also discusses in detail, what is already in effect
the first-ever single global empire (uniting the major economies at least)
is not all bad, since globalization means LLUWP portfolios are globally diversified, hence
they have $Billions of assets at risk from war pretty much anywhere:
Unimaginable as it remains to most, warfare is already obsolete, at least among major economies,
as everyone will know within a few years or so.

An outrageous LLUWP exploit in plain sight occurred two decades ago, catapulting George Soros
onto the world stage as “The man who broke the Bank of England. *

Soros risked $Billions on by FAR the wildest high-risk trade ever (seemingly),
much of the value of his entire hedge fund at that time!
*UK’s Treasury estimated the bets against the British pound cost the nation about 7 $Billion.

What none dare mention is two Rothschilds sat on Soros’ Board then, who had untold $Billions
riding on the bet. No dynasty has more fingers in global banking pies than Rothschilds,
including serving on the Bank of England’s various Boards.

It is obvious Soros and his investors felt comfortable risking $Billions due to having
insider knowledge available only at the Bank of England’s highest level.

For centuries, the Rothschild dynasties have leveraged insider knowledge
into one of the world’s greatest hereditary empires ever, most famously
when they greatly profited from advance knowledge of England’s defeat of Napolean.

Despite hauling in a reported $Billion by breaking the Bank of England –
by far the greatest illegal insider trading profit of all time –
no one dares mention Soros’ and his Rothschild cronies’ blatant crime in plain sight.

Europe’s highest courts later upheld Soros’ conviction in another insider trading case,
as well as the painless, minuscule fine slapped on his wrist virtually imperceptibly.
Soros also profited from fanning the 1997 crisis that crippled ASEAN economies. (see “broke” link above)

As history ever demonstrates, power corrupts, money talks, virtue walks, and the masses get screwed.

The True Future is learning to remain as untouched by the predator class as possible,
as also discussed further in the Solution(s)? page’s conclusion.