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Economic and Finan$ial Realities

Tragically Few Will Notice in Time


Avoiding what seems threatening can be good, but a reflexive jump can leap from frying pan to fire.

Few bother cultivating sufficient knowledge to sense major market shifts,

Neglect studying when it’s best to hold, when best to fold..

Realtors and Wall Street’s casinos ever war against such wisdom..

Most thus follow the crowds from boom to bust,

have no idea they’ve fallen for the latest fleecing contraption.

Fundamental to remaining upright atop ever-roiling human seas

is asking Who makes the most wave$, and how?

The shows on public stages

hide endless $tagecraft behind curtains.

Politicians and CEOs are just actors performing the $cript.

Far more occurs out of view than most imagine..

Few can stomach beholding fully.

Those who decode the script

learn why producers engineered an imminent t$unami

to sweep billions off their feet, and worse.

This site deconstructs myths Main$pin News Media parade,

especially by revealing economic and finan$ial realitie$ tragically few Americans are willing to face.

Those adequately informed know sirens are blaring

and grasp the best way(s) to construct an ark.

While this site reveals cru$ial discoveries,
the full truth takes far more than we have time.
Fortunately, much help is already available elsewhere, many resources linked herein.
Most crucial is finding Ways to navigate behind the curtains one calls oneself.


Perfect Storm Dooms Financial Markets

Unprecedented Double Bubble Top Means:

Both Bonds and Stocks Nowhere To Go But Freefall

details here

All 16 US Intelligence Agencies
 Issue Alarming Report
agency badges

Uncle Sam Shame’s “Day After Plan

Agencies “preparing for unstoppable $100 Trillion Meltdown”

“Intelligence Community signals fast-approaching Stock Market Crash”

“Annihilation of United States’ reign as the world’s superpower” means:

the fall of the dollar as world's reserve currency, equivalent to end of British Empire after World War II
a worldwide breakdown, economic collapse
an extended period of global anarchy

click here for the report with many more alarming details

Economic and Finan$ial Realities

Tragically Too Few Americans Know

How Desperately They Need to

plus the Best Way to Preserve Ones Nest Egg(s) from Imminent Disasters

Uncle Sam Sham and MainSpin News Media Distort and Cover Up

What’s Really Happening in US Economy, Banking..

Blinding Americans Like Deer in Headlights

how Worst Wealth Transfer Ever Demolished the Middle Class

Wealthiest 1% now own more than 90+% combined (details below)

1% and especially 0.01% are cleaning up just like they did in the Great Depression, as

Official Data Reveal US in Worst Depression Ever

per Dozens of Charts plus Hundreds of Mainstream References Below:

Except for Food Stamps and Welfare
Bread Lines and Shanty Towns would be Everywhere:
Now More Than One-Third Live in Households Receiving Government Assistance of some sort
Dozens Millions More Depend on Social Security and MediCare

= US Society Reverting to Serfs Dependent on Crumbs Über Wealthy Deign to Toss

Especially 0.01% billionaires will greatly expand their empires in the impending collapse,
grabbing much of rest of the world they don’t already own at fire-sale prices

as by Dozens of Times Most Bankrupt Nation Ever Freefalls Back to an Excruciating
Brave-Not! New-Not! World of Impoverished Peons and Laborers

details below

One is best able to fathom tsunami-proof high ground who knows dollar-based global monetary system
since World War II allowed US to bury itself under by multiple times worst debt mountain ever.

Rest of World Bails Out Ever More Fervently from Oceans of Dollar Whirlpools
as Tsunami Sirens Blare to Those with Ears that Hear. see below

Few Americans may ever catch on

Greatest Middle Class Society of All Time

is already Long Gone with the Wind, Destroyed by All-out Class Warfare:

Wall Street and US corpoRapions moved high-paying manufacturing jobs overseas
by financing factories, especially in China, elsewhere;
Employers undermined and destroyed bargaining rights,
forcing taxpayers to provide subsistence needs for tens of millions of now impoverished workers
via food stamps, MediCaid, child support, plus various other forms assistance, hence:

according to UNICEF:

US Workers Most Exploited in Industrialized World

see lots more Class Warfare details below

Only far too late will most Americans catch on they swallowed the baits; Subprime trap just the climax.

Academics Drunk on Centuries of Bankster and 0.01% BS Are Blind to Outrageous Massacres

E.g: Wages Collapsed at least 75% in Purchasing Power Since World War II

Note to First-time Reader: Since this page lists numerous ways 90+% are melting down,
and links to scores of resources* dispelling propaganda far too many Americans swallow,
some find this page too much to get through in one sitting
– not least because many of these realities are shocking, if not overwhelming to horrible.
(Years trying to inform others taught us most prefer, tragically, to keep head in sand.)

*including two dozen other pages on this site

Gallup Poll Chairman calls Uncle Sham’s official unemployment rate

The Big Lie:”

Dares to report the truth: “30 million Americans are either out of work or severely underemployed,”
a disaster that “hollowed out the middle class.”

Workforce Collapsed Back Four Decades
Refuses to Recover from >10% Dive, 10 Million* Jobs Gone:chart of employment-population ratio by Federal Reserve


“Population” is “working-age” population 16 and up; less than half the total population works

*from 2000 peak (per % of total population all ages)

Participation Rate Continues to Collapse

Labor Force Participation Rate

click a chart for its source

Collapse Erased Gains from Women’s Lib Expanding Workforce from 1970s to 2000.

11 Million Full-Time Jobs Lost as Employers also Cut Costs by Shifting to Part-time Workers,
Further Impoverishing Workers

Joblessness is Worse than Great Depressionj – Total is blue line in chart below

Climbing Ever Higher Since 2000, Spiked since 2008

Great Majority of Lost Jobs Were Highest Paid Workers
especially Manufacturing and Construction


*↑a = chart updates automatically on this page

Uncle Sham’s official employment lies (red, gray lines) stop counting those who’ve given up looking for work,
plus count as fully employed those who need full-time pay but can only find part-time work,
as graph source discusses in detail. (or click graph)

jGreat Depression unemployment was never so bad (per most estimates).

More than 10 million jobs needed to return the workforce to long-term average levels before 2007:

A recent “stunning” loss, over 800,000 jobs, is “a failure to launch: decelerating, not accelerating…”

Discussion of several ways Uncle Sham spins job numbers skyward is on this page.

MainSpin Media are finally beginning to acknowledge some of these unemployment realities.

As Workers Fall Ever Farther Behind:

Food Stamp Program Hits Ever-Higher Records,
Now 50% Higher than Ever Before

Three Times More Americans Receive Them than in 2000

nearly 1 in 6 depend on them


plot of USDA data

Breadlines / Soup Kitchens would be Everywhere without Food Stamps
+ Dozens of Millions would be Homeless without Welfare (details below)

Baby Boomers Can’t Retire
plus: the Younger, the More Out of Work

Job Losses* by Age Group since 2007:
   *Gains for Boomers:


*click a chart for its source

Not least because retirement plan losses discourage retirement

Up to 50% of inner city youth are jobless – can you spell explosive?

Data refute CorpoRape Media spinning unemployment as due to Baby Boomers retiring.
Although the Federal Reserve would never LIE! – wink wink – Fed Pres. Plosser intoned the same propaganda / lie.

Another look at ever-worse unemployment under 30
as older workers retire less and less:

And with 6 million youth neither working nor students,
attending classes is obviously not why they’re unemployed, the lie spinmeisters spew.

US Economy in a Great Depression, Contracting Past Decade and a Half

Real* Retail Sales in Great Depression ( = more than 20% down**):

*Real = adjusted for dollars continually losing value, so-called “inflation”


**in econo-speak; 10% down = Depression

Even when not adjusted for ever-collapsing dollars,
Retail Sales Have Been Falling for Over Three Years (% change from year ago)


Since retail is largest part of the economy, just these two charts make it obvious:

Claims U.S. Economy Is Growing Are Bogus
as endless data affirm:

Perfect Storm Dooms Housing


Worst-performing Investment Class this Century By Far, even worse than stocks (see below)

Home Building Collapsed over 50% this century

*click a chart for its source

And Remains Far Lower than Ever (since record-keeping began six decades ago)

Despite Utterly Unheard-of Low Interest Rates!

Even Unprecedented Goose of Subprime Lending Failed to Return Build Rates to Baby Boom Years:

Despite Collapse in Household Size!

Nearly 1 in 5 Homeowners Remain Underwater, nearly ten million “seriously” underwater.
The New Yorker warns lots if not most will need to “get used to being tenants.

Especially since almost half of Baby Boomers are already reaching retirement age =

Fundamental Force Driving Home Prices Upward for nearly a Century now Vanishing

red bulges in this graphic reveal Baby Boomers’ Imploding Demographic
Followed by Population Vacuum of Smaller Generations:

= Home Prices Have Nowhere to Go But Down, Down, Down (for Decades?..)

not least because the Birth Rate fell off a cliff after the Baby Boom:

now down to less than half the rates a century ago. – Immigration helped cushion the fall,
but this century fewer and fewer immigrate due to ever-fewer jobs at stagnant wages,
shrinking in real terms due to ever-collapsing dollars (more below).

Plus Interest Rates with Nowhere to Go but Up from unheard-of, virtually zero levels

= A Perfect Catastrophe for Home Prices Dead Ahead

Both potential buyers and investors see these writings on the wall:
While existing home prices have recovered a bit of their unprecedented losses from 2005 peak,*

Homes Are Worst-performing Investment Class this Century By Far, even worse than stocks:


Adjusted for dollar’s collapsing purchasing power (spun as inflation):

Homes Are Down Well Over 50% compared to what most spend most of their paychecks on
including food and energy. (crude oil price is black line above; more below)

Housing Remains in Worst Slump on Record by Far Despite Unheard-of Low Interest Rates!
Plus Home Builders’ Stocks Are Much Farther Down
than even the greatest drag on stock markets, Megabanks (below)

= Housing Has Nowhere to Go But Down, especially once rates recover back to normal,
then shoot out of sight as the last false hope drains out of US financial system and economy.

*mainly in most-desirable markets like San Francisco and Manhattan

While politicians, CEO’s, banksters, et. al. ever promise improvement, lots more data affirms the above:

Industrial Production also Greatly Depressed


Moderate increase since 2009 bottom due to wages collapsing compared to other nations

Hence: countless Manufacturers are Moving Production Back to now cheaper US.

Chinese wages, for instance, increased by multiple times this century
while US wages stagnated = fell in purchasing power.
Cheap goods from overseas and the credit bubble helped distract Americans
as living standards and jobs collapsed.

Consumer Sentiment in Deepest, Widest WORST Canyon Ever:


*chart delayed 6 months, here’s latest

Since Consumer Sentiment typically peaks as markets peak,
it’s now evident the rise the past year was a blaring warning siren.

MainSpin Media Don’t Dare Report Unheard-of Collapse Satisfaction Polls,
a complete flip-flop from all prior polling:

71% of Voters “Dissatisfied with the way things are in the nation,”
41% “very dissatisfied.” Only 2% “very satisfied,” 26% “somewhat satisfied”

A different pollster confirms 76% “feel their family is [worse] off since 2008.”

All confirming the polling gold standard’s 77% drop, Gallup’s Satisfaction Poll:
One-half chose the worst response: “very dissatisfied with the way things are going:”

Uncle Sham’s Statistical Lies Mask Greatest Depression Realities

US Economy (GDP) Down Well Over 20% Since 2000:

Above graph is cumulative total of annual changes, blue line in below chart, revealing:

US Economy (GDP) Shrinking Steadily to Catastrophically Since 2000,

as the honest blue line in this chart demonstrates:


See below why the above GDP chart reflects 90+% experience but Uncle Sham’s official red lies do not.

The Chart No-one Is Supposed to See:

Withholding Tax Receipts Plummet:

original data from second chart on this page

Receipts down 60% since 2001, adjusted for dollar’s loss purchasing power*

= Real Income Collapsed

Cash-Out Refinancings Kept Americans from Noticing Collapsing Real* Incomes
Using houses like cash advance machines, unprecedented housing bubble distracted Americans
from Ever-Worsening Realities, helped pull wool over sheople’s eyes:

All Above Charts make Contracting Economy Obvious,
Expose Uncle Sham’s Lies

“Official” red line in GDP chart (second above) is a blatant lie Uncle Sham’s bureaucrats engineer:

*Since price increases inflate measures of GDP (total US economic activity), GDP must be adjusted
to calculate the REAL amount of growth, must be adjusted to correct for what’s spun as inflation (more below).

Uncle Sham spins GDP over the moon by using a tiny “core” inflation rate to barely adjust “Official” GDP (red):
the core rate excludes increased prices of what most Americans spend most of their money on:
food, housing, energy, as this non-technical MarketWatch article discusses clearly.
The honest change in GDP per the blue line above is adjusted for those prices as well, demonstrating:

US Economy Shrank more than 25% since 2000, and Still Falling!

= a Great Depression worse than 1930s, as all other economic data also indicate.

Breadlines / Soup Kitchens Would Be Everywhere Without Food Stamps
Dozens More Millions would be Homeless without Welfare (plus countless Prison Inmates*)

Untold Millions Are Homeless, in Dozens of Tent Cities, ubiquitous shelters, countless shanties,
Sleeping in cardboard boxes in weed patches, in countless cars, under bridges, on sidewalks

At Least a Dozen Years Behind, MainSpin Media Acknowledge China Economy Beats US

With well over four times the population, hundreds of millions of industrial workers, plus many $Trillions
of middle class wealth, the Chinese economy eclipsed collapsing US at least a dozen years ago.

China’s Economy is Now Closer to if not More than Twice as Large as US

Millennia-long Supreme Master of Power, China Concealed Pulling Far into First Place
via stealth currency devaluations, holding a constant peg to collapsing dollar while Her wages and prices multiplied.

But global investors caught on to China’s ascendance more than a decade ago, as evident in

Chinese stocks vastly outperforming rest of world this century, even US small caps, far behind in second place:

Again: Statistical lies like the many above helped pull wool over American sheople’s eyes,
kept most from noticing how far down the slaughter shoots they’ve been herded.

*US has by multiple times world’s most outrageous incarceration rate, 50 to 500% higher
than world’s most repressive regimes like Russia and China, ten times most European nations’ rates.
Here’s a more succinct overview with very helpful perspectives, comparison to Europe and other advanced economies.

Predictably, US incarceration rate exploded six times higher as most gains in national wealth and income
were transferred from the 99% to the 1% after dollar’s last link to gold was Nixed in 1971
– when US was greatest middle class society of all time: A typical worker
owned lots to most of his own home, and his salary supported a full-time homemaker and children:

1% Take Ever More from 99%, both Assets and Wages

All Economic Gains to 1% only this century; another source
= Rich Get Ever Richer and the Rest Get Screwed

Time magazine calls it “Class Warfare,”
plus Princeton and Northwestern declare “US Is No Longer a Democracy” (see below)

Culminating trends of ever more wealth and income in ever fewer hands since 1970s:

Since there’s no way to directly measure how much wealth each citizen owns, estimates vary
how much the wealthy own of everything, but there’s no doubt

US Has Reverted to a Banana Republic Wealth and Income Distribution:

exceedingly few own more wealth than at least 90 if not more than 95% combined. =

The Former Greatest Middle Class Society of all time is Long Gone with the Wind.

Wealthiest 100 individuals own more than nearly two-thirds of all Americans!
Americans’ median net worth has collapsed to a small fraction of other developed economies’.
But NYTimes reports Americans’ median worth is just a fraction of the above dismal estimate.

Per the Fed, 25% of households have negative net worth; combining them with the next 25% =

Half of US households have essentially no net worth, on average $11,250,* pretty much nothing!

Averaging them with the next quartile = 75% of households average $66,700 in net worth.

But since impoverished households are hardest to reach in surveys, these estimates are undoubtedly too rosy.

= Americans are mostly broke. No wonder so many older workers have stopped retiring.

*Federal Reserve data, p. 12: average of  35.9 − 13.4 = 22.5; ÷ 2 = 11.25

Up to many dozens of nations rank higher in measures of well-being.

Upward Mobility Eviscerated: In the former greatest land of opportunity the world ever knew:
Americans have “Less Upward Mobility than Any Other Advanced Country.”

Numerous Economists Warn Falling Real* Income and Loss of Wealth for 99%, especially 90%
is Main Reason US Economy Keeps Contracting,
and global economy as well: Über wealthy hoard ever more of all economic gains; details below.

* = adjusted for dollars continually losing purchasing power

Two Time magazine articles call it a “Class War” and “class warfare,” the latter per Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz declares: “the high level of inequality...reverberates through..policies...”
that “serve the interests of the wealthiest...” and “enrich corporations at the expense of the 99%.”
“Trickle-down economics is a myth.”

No less than Princeton and Northwestern Universities demonstrate

US is no longer a democracy:”

“Economic and..business elites” determine “U.S. government policies.”

“The majority does not rule.”

Their analysis of nearly two thousand changes to federal law recent decades reveals
the 0.01% prevailed against the great majority’s wishes, virtually without exception.

In several more ways things are worse than during the 19th Century Robber Baron Era.

Once-prosperous Americans are beaten up and broken down,
waiting for..elected leaders to stop the redistribution of..wealth.”

Even some of the most vigorous unstoppable activists are becoming resigned
to the above Ivy Leaguers’ horrific conclusion.

1%-ers Frankly Affirmed Their Ruthless Exploitative, let-them-eat-cake Attitudes in a recent poll.

What happened to Americans?

Why are they taking the worst wealth transfer of all time sitting down? – putting it way too nicely!

Is this the typical 21st century American,
ostrich head in sand?

ostrich with head in sand; caption: Recovery's so cozy!  head in sand getting whacked  ?

and /
or :

Per US Senator Elizabeth Warren: As the Subprime meltdown “tossed millions..out on the street,”
Washington and Its “Treasury [concentrated on] providing a soft landing for..banks.”

Talk about understatement!
Thousands if not > a million bankster fraudsters bagged $Trillions in fees, foreclosed homesteads, plus
countless other spoils, but will never be prosecuted: Uncle Shame let the statute of limitations expire on
by nearly if not more than a hundred times the worst financial crime spree in history. !!!

With crooks enjoying $Gillions of spoils scott free, the Federal Reserve finally confessed
to Congress “We were not willing to” pursue the over-the-moon crime spree
the Fed was allegedly created to prevent, to guard against.

Can you spell facilitator? or enabler? How about ACCOMPLICE  ?

And why did Congress take over half a decade to obtain this obvious answer?

Most importantly: Why did Congress stand idly by as this crime spree ravaged the 90+%?

“To know what happened to the American economy, follow the money…to the richest .01%.
“To know what happened to democracy, follow the richest… to the [countless] politicians”↓ who sold out.

Source of above quotation has latest stats on 90+% getting ever poorer, courtesy of former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

If local police were gangsters aiding criminals in your community,
would you approve?
Many more details how banksters are henchmen for the mega-wealthy,
the world’s imperial tyrants
are revealed on the Solution(s)? page.

Madoff’s multi-decade crime spree is a poster child how Crooks are in Charge:
He was whisked away to prison with essentially no court proceedings
to prevent exposing Wall Street’s decades of complicity – e.g, Harry Markopolos’ revelations
as a trial with lots of witnesses would have.

MainSpin Media cooperated fully in white-washing it as a Ponzi scheme,*
thus covering up how Madoff was one of if not the world’s Money Launderer-in-Chief,
the few foreign firms and individuals exposed just a tiny tip of vast $Billions ($Trillions?) of ill-gotten gains
Madoff laundered for global Crooks in Charge

*Unlike the vast majority of Ponzi schemes whose victims lose everything invested,
Madoff’s “victims” have recovered most of their investments.

90+% Are Losing Out Worldwide, per this chart of global GDP per person:

demonstrating gains in this century's first decade getting erased

demonstrating the fundamental reason the US and global economies are shrinking (in real terms):

1% reap an ever greater share of global wealth, leaving 90+% with ever less to spend:

Since the über wealthy can’t possibly spend much of their vast annual incomes, they hoard most of it,
draining massive amounts of economic wealth from everyday economic activity
by sequestering their gains in least risky assets that do not encourage much if any further economic activity.

*includes recessions officially declared in several major economies in 2014

As noted below, corpoRapions are also terrified to spend many $Trillions they’re hoarding worldwide.

Soaring mortgage and rent payments now further threaten the minimalist housing recovery ever
as rapidly dropping affordability for both “owners” and renters threatens even more homelessness
exacerbating the inevitable housing crash as Baby Boomers retire. – Prayers the latter reduces homelessness.

Many if not most of the $Trillions of wealth transferred to the 1% the past half century
rode on ever-soaring mortgage interest and rent payments that mostly end up in their pockets:

The Crooks in Charge converted Americans’ dream of home ownership into economic slavery:

While most Americans are still counted as homeowners, add up
all their mortgages plus liens, including second homes, RVs, autos, boats, credit lines and cards
= Very few have enough net worth to survive a year on.
The former greatest middle class society ever
is now utterly hopelessly bankrupt, as discussed in detail below.

Welcome to The New Serfdom, as Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s economist put it.

/ Banana Republic: Plutocracy, tyranny über alles

Coming to your neighborhood as millions more lose their homes over next few years’ chaos, allowing
1% and up to multiply their holdings, just as Great Depression created more wealthy than any other era.

US Workers Most Exploited in Industrialized World

“Work more hours & later into life than decades prior, and more than workers in similar societies.
US One of Two Most Vacation-deprived Countries in World, with Japan.” source

CorpoRapions couldn’t possibly have wanted exploding incarceration rates
providing them ever more workers for peanuts since taxpayers provide inmates’ room, board, and health care.

(Although this site shuns politicians and politics like the plagues they generally are nowadays)..

Michael Brown’s terrible death highlights class warfare employing racism as well,
especially evident in the extreme preferential treatment police officer Darren Wilson received.

Ever heard of a black officer receiving a secret trial by secret jury* after killing a white teen?

*as CNN’s senior legal analyst, a former US attorney, and New Yorker staff writer demonstrates;
a violation of the Supreme Court’s delineation of the function of a grand jury,
a clear violation of centuries of law requiring trials be public and fair.

Recovery? What Recovery?

Stock and Bond Portfolios Down 75+% this century
(blue, pink and teal lines along bottom of below chart)
compared to what most spend most of their paychecks on: energy, food, + :

S&P 500, Wheat NASDAQ 100, Oil, Gold, 10-yr US Treasury Bond, Food Price Index:¹

click chart for its source

Believe oil will remain around $50 a barrel and have we got a bridge you’ll love.

Note oil prices do not fully reflect all the dollar’s loss in purchasing power since 2000, even at $100,
because oil would have risen much higher if vehicles had not become much more fuel-efficient, and
global oil production had not accelerated this century: hence, oil prices actually changed little to decreased
in real terms (adjusted for dollar’s loss of purchasing power*).

*spun as inflation

¹ Although this index tracks food industry stock prices, it almost exactly matches
the increases in food prices ShadowStats honest CPI reports, also noted above

Global Economy Left US in Collapsing Dollar Dust this century

click link for details, charts, sources

US Dollar’s Value Collapsed More than a Thousand Times Tinier Since 1950s

see below link for source

Rate of Collapse Accelerated Even More Rapidly Downward this Century (red arrow)

Ever-Collapsing Dollars are charted in more detail on this page

Bubbling Stocks & Over-the-Moon Bonds Have Nowhere to Go But Lots Further Down

Dozens Most-Reliable Bear Market Signals Flashing Red

Big market shifts always blind-side most stock, bond owners, as past hundred years demonstrate repeatedly..

Not least because Wall Street ever strives to blind them, the better to fleece them (several examples).

Anyone unable to notice both these paper asset classes, stocks and bonds, are bubbling outta this world
is like someone lacking depth perception, unable to see lots more air beneath a balcony than a curb.

The bear market page linked above lists and links to dozens of most-reliable bubble yardsticks, including:

Stocks at Over-the-Moon Levels Not Seen Since Dot-Com Crash & 1929 (Valuations)

40% of new IPOs and 40% of strictly US stocks (Russell 2000) already 20% down

Insiders dumping their company’s stock recently hit all-time highs, one of most reliable bear signals.

While US stocks are bubbling worse than ever by several measures, not every stock is headed out to sea.
But even the stock least hurt by this century’s storms, General Mills, is pricey, hence threatened.

The next two, concluding Realities make obvious the most reliable way
to protect ones nest egg(s) from the imminent disaster, discussed following:

☞  Let Them Eat dollar bill: i.e, let them eat dollars s!  ☜

Dollars would have evaporated years ago without the rest of the world
Waging War Against Their Own Currencies, Japan..
even the Swiss joining* the unprecedented race to the bottom! – unheard-of!

= Shades of Weimar wheelbarrows  wheelbarrow full of greenbacks  full of worthless German money!!

*four years ago: Anyone able to interpret the signs knows
the Swiss reversing course January 2015 means it’s all over now!

No Currency Ever Avoids Collapse after its Central Bank becomes
Dreaded Lender of Last Resort*
as US Federal Reserve (The Fed) has been since 2008

– spun as Quantitative Easing (QE) –

*see charts below for details

Dozens of Casualty Nations the past century

Citibank’s currency traders warn the Fed’s desperate QE threatens to
“kick” the US economy “over the..cliff.”

Plain Talk Describes Why Fed’s Easy Money is Deadly Kool-Aid on Verge of Killing US Economy

Outta-this-World Debt/Money Bubble is VASTLY Worse than Dot-Com and 1929
Dozens of Times worse than Subprime

That’s why Washington remains frozen in hopeless stalemate:

There is only One Solution, and 90+% Will Cry Uncle for Years of Pain before
the Hardest Crash Landing of all time.

Comatose* US economy on Fed Life Support due to

Global Investors and Central Banks Fleeing/Dumping US Assets & Dollars
because they know:

*see below

US is by multiple times the MOST BANKRUPT NATION EVER

with HUNDREDS of $Trillions in debt and utterly unpayable obligations,

including catastrophic MediCare and Social Security shortfalls.

That’s why hundreds of economists including over a dozen Nobel Laureates endorse
the Inform Act to force Uncle Shame to admit how hopelessly bankrupt this nation is,
by reporting ALL federal obligations according to accounting standards* everyone else must follow:

If Social Security & MediCare were private pension/health plans, the trustees would be jailed for fraud!
Congress raided decades of Baby Boomers’ payments into the SS “trust-us” fund
and spent them on other programs = Baby Boomers’ retirement cupboard is bare = blatant fraud,
as the chart below makes horrifyingly obvious.

The Congressional Budget Office calculates Uncle Shame is in the hole 220 $TRILLION!
a catastrophic hole impossible to fill, even via both crippling tax hikes and cutting spending to the bone.

*“accrual accounting,” what all businesses/corporations must use by law – only Uncle Shame is exempt.
(Similar to the exemption allowing members of Congress to enjoy profits from insider trading illegal for everyone else
– but now under the table since Congress finally repealed their exemption recently.)

While economists endlessly argue whether America’s debts total 180 or 300 $Trillion,
the rest of humanity is heading for the hills, fleeing US assets and the dollar
like rats off the s(t)inking ship it is.

Extensive charts of official data display US’ unprecedented NATIONAL BANKRUPTCY on this
Grandfather Debt page, revealing

Total Debts and obligations over HALF a $Million PER PERSON – including children!


in the hole well over ONE to TWO $MILLION PER WORKER
= hopelessly unpayable, deny it how one will.

Since workers pay most taxes and make most debt+interest payments
(either directly on their own debts, or indirectly via taxes, plus hidden in the cost of purchases):

America’s Debt Burden¹ Equals the Entire Lifetime Earnings of All Workers, if not more,

leaving nothing for food, housing, energy, whatever…

¹total all sectors, private and public


US’ Debt Colossus Is Hopelessly, Utterly, Catastrophically Unpayable!

Here’s Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projection of Uncle Shame’s utterly unpayable debts,
especially unfunded Social Security and MediCare obligations:

The below chart of Uncle Shame’s Total Outstanding Debt currently demonstrates

Global Investors Stopped Lending to Hopelessly Bankrupt Uncle Shame Years Ago (net overall)

Total Uncle Shame Debt’s now over 13 $TRILLION, or more than $40,000 per US resident!
exploded more than two-and-a-half times in just seven years!

And CBO* projects it will nearly double to over 21 $Trillion by 2025, or about $60,000 per person, all ages!

Investors = ( total Uncle Shame debt ¹ − QE ² )    (technical details)

*    = Congressional Budget Office projection of Total Federal Debt¹

for Next Decade, as of March 2015

¹ = US Treasuries (outstanding:
not including future obligations!)

²Above graph demonstrates “Quantitative Easing” (QE) is spin for Fed having to become

dreaded Lender of Last Resort, conjuring Emergency Dollar Flotation out of nothing
into the doomed hulls of US Economy, especially Uncle Shame’s and megabanks’,
at best delaying the inevitable, in reality sinking everything worse (except for the 1% ³).

*Catastrophic as  - - CBO’s projection appears: Uncle Shame DEBT SHOOTING almost STRAIGHT UP
next ten years, that horror is based on ludicrous predictions GDP and tax receipts will nearly DOUBLE by
then, to two-thirds greater – despite estimating US population to grow by only ONE-SIXTH as much, just 10%!

= CBO has Debt Addict Delusions like virtually all other Americans!

The Federal Reserve had to become dreaded Lender of Last Resort because

Global Investors Fled Uncle Shame’s Debt Addict Delusions.

So Who Will Loan Uncle Shame Nearly Double What He Owes Now over the next decade?

Plus Which of Uncle Shame’s Current Creditors Will Hang On to the Most Doomed Loans Ever?

It’s obvious US Federal Government Has Hit End of the Line!

= Cuts to Federal Programs Dead Ahead far more than anyone can see.

And God only knows how much higher taxes will soar.

³ Things just keep getting ever better for the 1%, especially via US dollars, their age-old debt money
Scheme for the Confiscation of Wealth ever transferring wealth from the many to the few.

As in the Great Depression, the SubPrime meltdown, and all other catastrophes, the rich get richer
at everyone else’s expense: the Great Depression created more wealthy than any other era.

Only the uninformed would bet that record will survive the next few years’ GREAT UNWIND
of the present utterly unprecedented boondoggle.

Here are details how investor flight forced the Fed to become dreaded Lender of Last Resort:

They actually started QE2 months before the public announcement after learning major investors were dumping
Uncle Shame debt. The Fed (FOMC) held several unscheduled crisis meetings before announcing QE2 in
November 2010. (By then Fed had canvased major purchasers of Treasuries worldwide and was able to estimate the shortfall
through the first half of 2011.)
QE2 actually began in August when the Fed announced taking on Treasuries they knew
investors would begin dumping. From August when investors began dumping Treasuries until QE2 ended June 2011,
the Fed took on nearly a $Trillion of Uncle Shame’s debt, including hundreds of $Billions global investors dumped
on the market (net overall).
(Both Fed and US Treasury receive advance notice from Primary Dealers when investors lose their appetite for US debt.)

Can You Hear TIMBER!!! echoing off every American Wall and Rooftop?

Most Americans are Hopelessly Deaf and Blind

Shuffling along in what it’s way too late to notice are slaughter chutes,

Oblivious how Asians and their Central Banks dumped $Trillions of US dollars and assets;
and bought lots of GOLD – lots Europeans as well: 1% and especially 0.01% worldwide.
more below

Can you spell hoodwinked?

How about DECIMATED?

As they say, Power Corrupts:

Few of the 99% may ever catch on they gave it all away.

Maybe legions of expats caught on..

The 0.1% know the score well: They wrote it.

Interest rates have been falling to ever-lower record lows for a decade:
Before this century, rates even multiple times higher
would have goosed the greatest boom of all time!

= US economy is COMATOSE because:

US’ multi-decade orgy finally hit end o’ da line: Virtually no one’s willing or able to take on more debt –
Despite utterly unheard-of low interest rates! Lenders also finally hit the end for numerous reasons:


*private sector, excluding financial,¹ per capita
¹ Wall Street is still bubbling out of its mind, of course (see below)
and Uncle Shame’s hopeless bankruptcy was illustrated above.

One can see debt mushroomed after 1950, doubling about every seven years, sometimes in just five.

Above log plot reveals rates of debt growth lost steam after 1990 as debt binge maxed out,

hence Fed’s been cutting rates ever closer to the bone since then in attempt to revive dying horse..

Rates at unheard-of ZERO since 2008 scream the horse died then:

US Economy Is Entombed in a Dreaded No-Exit Debt Trap

As the wise like UK’s eminent journal The Economist foresaw in 2001.

Since real wages* and pretty much everything else

has been shrinking for years and decades, as data and charts above demonstrate:

*adjusted for dollar’s loss purchasing power

Borrowing was the Sole Prop under US economy,

now Hopelessly Dead in the Water rising ever higher toward the smokestacks

= Reality Remains Way Further Down Below than most any American’s willing to imagine

The entire US of America has hit DEAD END like All Debt Addicts do sooner or later.

And people wonder why CorpoRapions are hoarding SEVEN $Trillion in cash,*

terrified of losing it if they tried investing in expansion or new ventures.

– and will some of them be furious when panic hits and greenbacks they’re holding evaporate!

* ≈ value all gold in world

But CorpoRapions Don’t Tell 99% How They Hold “Cash:”

99% Must Not Learn They Don’t Own Funds Deposited in a Bank

Nor How G20 Plans to Confiscate Depositors’ Funds When Megabank Ponzis Melt Down

Nor How FDIC Would Be Hopelessly Bankrupt if Even a Tiny % of Banks Failed

As Wikipedia Explains: “a depositor opening an..account at a bank..surrenders legal title to the deposit.”

In other words: Depositing funds in a bank makes one an UNSECURED CREDITOR of the bank,
meaning if the bank fails one has no claim on its assets unless ALL SECURED creditors are paid FIRST.

In addition to being duped they own the money in their bank accounts,
99% also don’t know most banks lend out 97% to 99.5% of demand deposits like checking and savings accounts,
and essentially 100% of time deposits (“certificates of deposit”):

Bottom Line: Depositing funds in a bank legally makes one an unsecured lender to the bank’s borrowers.

Does your bank adequately compensate you for risks they’re taking with the debt money* you lend them?
Especially since:

* = greenbacks in your wallet; see below

FDIC Has Essentially Nothing Guaranteeing Depositors

FDIC Was Utterly Bankrupt with a NEGATIVE Balance for Two Years after 2008 Catastrophe

But still has just half what’s required by law to insure depositor losses (DRR “Reserve Ratio”).
Per its latest report, FDIC only has 1% instead of 2% ($63 on hand for every $6,204 it insures).

FDIC has a credit line with the US Treasury in case of another emergency,
but the total credit line is less than 10% of deposits it insures,
plus no nation’s Treasury has ever been even a small percent as hopelessly in the hole as US’.

= Much Pain and Suffering Dead Ahead as millions if not billions find their bank accounts wiped out,
not least because:

MegaBanks Thumb Noses at Dodd-Frank Reforms, per FDIC & Fed
Remain Leveraged Over Moon

As a prominent commentator put it:

US is land of “inadequately capitalized banks backed by inadequately capitalized FDIC backed
by highly insolvent federal government, [all on life support] via..insolvent Federal Reserve.”

Despite endless declarations banks are much sounder since 2008, the data demonstrate
they remain unprecedentedly leveraged, in fact, more vulnerable because
assets securing their loans, especially mortgages remain $Trillions underwater.
The only reason bank stocks stopped free-falling in 2009 is Congress passed legislation allowing them
to ignore those underwater values, thus cook their books, mark the asset values at fantasy levels
rather than enter actual market values.

But investors aren’t fooled: megabank stocks remain ~50% down from their 2007 recovery peak
after Dot-com crash, the main drag on US stocks since, as further discussed on the Solution(s)? page.

megabank stocks still down almost 50% from 2007

Several of US’ largest banks failing to recover since SubPrime meltdown are evident in this chart.

(set 16 Feb’07 as start date to see when investors started catching on.)

The only reason bank stocks haven’t collapsed altogether is
$Trillions the Fed conjured onto their balance sheets via what’s spun as Quantitative Easing,
now more than 2 $Trillion banks label “excess reserves” plugging Titanic holes in their balance sheets
they don’t dare lend out because they’d be undeniably insolvent!

= Job boom dead ahead for bank LIQUIDATORS

Relying on FDIC Is Like Building Ones House on Quicksand

Can You Spell HAIRCUT? Like 40% some Cyprus bank customers know painfully well?

Even if depositors are eventually made 100% whole, the ever-accelerating global flight from dollars
could shrink purchasing power of any recovery to less than 10%, possibly less than 1%.

(Congress letting banksters get away with the most heinous financial crimes of all time was noted above.)

Endless Examples Demonstrate Crooks Are in Charge of Wall Street, banking in general

From then NY Attorney General Elliot Spitzer’s landmark suit Wall Street paid $Billions to settle,*
to SubPrime horrors’ millions/billions of victims worldwide, to its competitors taking out Lehman,
precipitating the worst banking disaster ever the survivors leveraged into a taxpayer-financed bonanza

Etc, ad nauseum horribilis…                  not to mention crippling AIG

As the Inform Act’s chief architect, prominent economist Laurence Kotlikoff knows:

“Financial fraud.. can be temporarily suppressed, but not eradicated…
Every day brings fresh reports of gross misconduct on Wall Streets at home and abroad.”

*MainSpin Media reports fail to include the most egregious crimes,
e.g: Wall Street promoting to clients bum stocks it wants to unload.
No one dares mention Spitzer was forced to settle after WTC7 collapse destroyed his investigations’ files on 11 Sep.
God only knows what would have been had the full truth of Wall Street’s heinous ways been exposed in court then.

After noting some of banksters’ more recent outrages, Kotlikoff describes what a twisted trap
the federal agency insuring brokerage account holders is. Unless Congress changes the law,*
everyone with a brokerage account is subject to not only losing every penny but paying heinous penalties
if the firm collapses within two years of significant withdrawals! His strong recommendation:

*Hold breath on that!

“Move your money out of your brokerage account – today.. to avoid facing
the risk of being branded a criminal by the real criminals.”

Despite how obviously crucial and urgent this advice is, the wise will ignore his further advice
what to do with the withdrawn funds, especially in light of realities shared in the next, concluding section.

How the world’s über wealthy Crooks in Charge dominate the global economy and banking
is described in detail, including numerous fundamental realities, on the Solution(s)? page.

Terrified yet?
No prayers will help if you’re not at least a bit.

Willing to work as a security guard?
Endless opportunities dead ahead.

Crucial is not allowing fear to lead ones planning and preparations, and avoiding impulsive reactions.

Like paleontologist Dr. Burke in Jurassic Park who’s just out of reach in a shallow cave, but when
a snake slithers onto him he panics and flings his arm within reach of T. rex teeth, thus becoming a meal..

The next few to several years will present endless opportunities to practice Kipling’s immortal poem If–:

If you can keep your [wits] when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you..

(An updated last line: And—which is more—you’ll be mature, my child.)

With megabanks leveraged over-the-moon and the banking system hopelessly bankrupt,
the Great Depression’s one-week bank holiday may seem a picnic in comparison to this time around.
Much less bankrupt Greece continues to suffer withdrawal restrictions:

Many financial experts recommend having enough cash on hand to cover at least a month or two
of expenses – not stored in a safe deposit box, obviously!

Since the dollar’s death spiral will begin imploding into its final death throes any day,
as discussed above, trusting banks to protect ones wealth is like storing it in a furnace.

Positioned to ride the greatest gold rush of all time?

Since gold is banksters’ “Enemy No. 1,” as former Federal Reserve Chair Volcker railed repeatedly,
90+% have no idea bankster and all other 1% propaganda brainwashes them to despise the precious metal,
by far the most valued money, by many billions worldwide, as below and all other evidence demonstrates.

Contrary to Wall Street propaganda, gold has never been in a bubble, as demonstrated below.
(E.g, Wikipedia doesn’t list gold among dozens of asset manias past.)

Data and Charts Below Blatantly Reveal Gold Remains Superior to All Other Investment Types

Plus even today gold’s price remains suppressed to just about half its long-term value
due to banksters continually waging war against their Enemy No. 1. (see below)

Hence, gold still today fulfills the Number One Rule of Investing:


Americans forgot colonists hated banksters’ debt money, why they refused to use British pounds,
preferring silver and gold coins (plus colonial scrip).
Colonists understood debt money, what current dollars are, is a “Scheme for the Confiscation of Wealth,”*
as Dr. Greenspan put it in his youth – before he sold out to become the worst debt money Maestro ever.
US was last nation to discard the gold standard via Nixon’s imperial, Unconstitutional decree in 1971
– during the reign of FDR’s despicably un-American, tyrannous decree outlawing gold ownership.

*explains how money is just lent into existence in a debt money system, out of nothing

= banks are just piles of debt. Hence: Dollars are just claims on that pile. details below

Gold is also Wall Street investment banksters’ Enemy No. 1: it’s by far the chief rival
of stocks and bonds and Wall Street’s endless other shenanigans,
hence Wall Street ever spews anti-gold propaganda like the cornered spitting cobra it is.

The below charts of major asset classes make gold’s unrivaled supremacy obvious,
completely disrobe Wall Street’s all-pervading lies claiming “gold is just a commodity.”

One can see gold ever rises above both commodity prices and Wall Street shenanigans: stocks, bonds…

Global gold demand and production changed little since 2000, usually less than 10% annually,
but gold’s price grew by six times! from about $200 to $1,200 and more! demonstrating:

Laws of supply and demand simply do not apply to gold, never have.

Debt money dollars ever losing value is the main driver of gold’s dollar price, by far.

America needs to demand of Wall Street, as Ricky Ricardo ever did of his wife:
Lucy Wall Street, you got lots o’ ’splainin’ to do!” – not least re: your endless lies about gold.

Gold Is in a Class By Itself, the Most Trusted Store of Value for Millennia, Worldwide,
as the below charts and further evidence reveal.

Unlike commodities like oil and wheat, gold is not bought to be consumed but as a store of value.

It’s impossible to know precisely, but certainly many times more gold changes hands every year around the world
than is mined. There’s no doubt the great majority of gold ever mined remains in someone’s possession somewhere.

In poorer parts of the world it’s not uncommon even for gold fillings to be removed when a family member dies.

As demonstrated below, gold’s value remains far more constant over time than any other asset class.
It simply ever remains the world’s most trusted money, the most reliable store of value for millennia.

Additional key gold market realities follow these charts demonstrating

Gold Preserves and Grows Value Far More Reliably than Any Other Asset Class:
Gold Outperformed Commodities Three to Five Times Greater since 2000,
Outperformed Stocks from Eight to Twenty Times +:

 Feb ’15

Gain since 2000

In the above graph, oil also reflects the dollar’s collapse in purchasing power this century, until last Fall when
temporary market forces produced oil’s unprecedented collapse since. As noted above,
anyone believing oil prices will remain at these levels much longer is unfamiliar with global depletion rates.

Comparing to Homes and Food Prices¹ (tall brown bar) Demonstrates
Gold Holds Its Value Better than any other Asset Class,

Protects Best Against Dollars Ever Losing Purchasing Power:

*Case-Shiller Home Price index; source

oil at 2014 peak; Gasoline prices increased comparably

¹ Again, as noted above, although this index tracks food industry stock prices,
it almost exactly matches the increases in food prices ShadowStats honest CPI reports.

That’s why gold prices correlate best with how much dollars lose value:
gold trades inversely to the dollar – over time: gold goes up when dollars go down – over time:

as Keynes famously put it: markets can remain irrational far longer than one can remain solvent:

Gold is for long-term investors, for those primarily wanting a nest egg to cultivate for the future,
not for those hungrily seeking fast, quick profits.

Over time, nothing is more reliable than gold.
No other asset class is up anywhere near thirty-four times since 1970:

$35 to $1,200 = 3300% gain!

And that’s despite banksters’ multi-generational, all-out war against it!

Otherwise gold would be at least twice as high. (details below)

Silver Is Much Less Reliable because Half of Its Demand Is for Industrial Uses, like circuit boards
Hence, Silver’s Price Is Much More Volatile = for Speculative and Short-Term Traders Only:

The below excerpt provides all one really needs to know why gold’s by far the best way to go,
especially for those with paper assets like stocks, bonds, bank accounts, and any cash
= what’s most threatened by the imminent disaster.

→US real estate is also hugely threatened, especially the bubbleicious = much if not all of most popular–
but most all is still historically high from lenders throwing all caution to the wind:
so 1% can scoop up lots more distressed properties as the bottom finishes falling out. ←

< Several additional key gold issues and realities follow this excerpt. >

extensive description how Asians save virtually nothing but gold, why their constant buying for millennia is the fundamental driver of gold's price

The above excerpt quotes one of the world’s leading gold analysts in this interview,
where he also describes why central banks had to defend their debt money schemes
via their unprecedented, all-out attack on gold’s price mid April 2013
when gold’s price plunged more than 15 percent in less than a week!

gold price knocked down from almost 1600 to nearly 1300 at end of week

This episode also indisputably demonstrates gold’s price has nothing to do with supply and demand:

As the fall accelerated, an unprecedented mad rush to buy emptied wholesalers’ warehouses worldwide.
Crowds mobbed retail shops in Asia, buyers waiting 24 hours and more in line to grab the bargain prices.
American dealers told customers they could not even offer future delivery, even months away, prepaid !:
Wholesalers had no idea when they’d be able to acquire more gold!

Such price action during complete, total absence of supply is unthinkable in any other market on Earth:
scarcity drives prices UPWARD – unless a market’s price is rigged by a cartel or monopoly.

This massive attack by central banksters was a main reason gold’s price fell in 2013
– the only year this century gold ended lower – despite record demand that year:
tens of $Billions more gold consumed than ever before, double digits more in key sectors,
thus further confirming supply and demand have little to nothing to do with gold’s price:
2013’s record demand would have shot gold prices SKYWARD if gold were priced like all other markets.

This episode not only demonstrates price rigging (more below), it also tips part of banksters’ hand:
Gold’s “spot price” charted above was $Hundreds below what Asians were paying that week per ounce:
That’s because the spot price does not track sales, but futures contracts: Banksters are thereby able
to use at least 100:1, up to multiple times even higher leverage* to suppress gold’s futures/spot price.

*via derivates and similar

Suppressing gold’s spot/futures price is one of the most powerful of banksters’ numerous weapons
ever battling their “Enemy No. 1.”

Although over years banksters ever lose the war, as the above charts demonstrate,
the $Billions lost generate hundreds times more bankable returns, in endless ways, especially because
more investors thus fall for banksters’ shenanigans, believing they’ll thereby beat gold’s gains.

One other important takeaway: the wise gold investor ignores gold’s spot price,
cares only what Asians are paying for gold coins and bars.

Chris Martenson’s extensive discussion covers many more reasons gold’s the sole lifeboat for most,
thus dispelling 1% propaganda and lies: They don’t want the masses rushing in and pushing up the price
before they’ve finished commandeering most of the world’s gold at what are greatly suppressed prices.

For those who prefer video presentations, Death of the Dollar provides a good overview of gold realities.

Before he sold out, Greenspan acknowledged gold best protects 99% against impoverishment
via what he named the wealthy’s “Scheme for the Confiscation of Wealth:”
“Gold..has significant advantages over all other media of exchange.”
It “stands in the way, as a protector” against wealth confiscation via debt money ever losing value,
the continual loss of purchasing power banksters and the wealthy spin as “inflation.”
Gold also “stands as the protector of an economy’s stability and balanced growth.”
“Gold and economic freedom are inseparable.”
And now he’s atoning his central banker sins by advocating a return to gold:
“Some mechanism has to be in place to restrict the amount of money produced,
[like] a gold standard… I strongly believe we did very well in the 1870 to 1914 period
with an international gold standard.”

As throughout history and before, gold has protected best against crashes so far this century,
as the above charts of stocks and gold demonstrate.

Gold also did very well during the Great Depression, growing in value as prices fell
(even after FDR’s outrageous, utterly anti-American crimes mentioned above).

Greenspan also blamed the Great Depression on the Federal Reserve creating excessive debt money
in the 1920’s, stating the Fed “nearly destroyed the economies of the world”!

Among countless analysts and investing pros worldwide who’ve exposed banksters’ war on gold,
the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has provided most patriotic, heroic and crucial service
by obtaining blatant evidence how banksters intervene to distort gold’s markets – especially via
successful FOIA suits against Uncle Shame and the Federal Reserve,
much presented in this GATA keynote containing numerous links to the incriminating evidence.

Banksters’ attacks on gold forced a number of major mines to shut down after its price fell below 1300
because it costs them more than that to get it out of the ground.

Hence, gold currently fulfills the number one of rule of investing:
BUY LOW. (more below)
Plus once the dollar rolls over into its final terminal plunge, the powers that be will free gold to soar skyward
back toward its long-term value, thereby also catapulting the wealthy’s vast hoards of gold
they looted from the world’s central banks at hugely discounted prices the past half century plus.
The well-informed know one can’t beat the Crooks in Charge, but one can enjoy great appreciation
over the next couple or so years by joining the über wealthy in the greatest gold rush of all time.
The sooner one gets positioned the greater gains one will enjoy, especially in real terms.*

*adjusted for monetary debasement
= continual loss of purchasing power all debt money must undergo to fulfill their function
Greenspan decried of confiscating, transferring wealth from the many to the few.

More and more miners are also decrying blatantly illegal manipulations of precious metals markets.

Banksters ever lie claiming gold bubbled in the 1970’s after its peg to the dollar was cut.
Gold price charts, however, clearly demonstrate gold just gradually rose and fell over most of the 1970’s
until the Iranian revolution in 1979, when the price first reached $300 at the end of summer.

Gold then spiked upward after the US embassy was overrun, more than 100% in less than two months
as Middle Eastern sheiks fearing war panicked into humanity’s favorite safe haven for millennia.

Gold then quickly subsided to back below $500 over less than two more months.

Such an abrupt price spike over just a few months is nothing like a bubble:
Market bubbles take years to develop: it takes steady effort and considerable time to suck in enough fools.

And with billions regularly active in gold’s market, odds against it ever bubbling are astronomical.

Gold price swings during the Iranian crisis annotated with significant events are available at this link.

rising to moderately new highs in 1979 as Middle East sheiks terrified of the Iranian revolution began to rush to its safety, then quickly breaking though $300 for the first time at the end of summer as the crisis continued escalating, the never reached from near to somewhat above $200 in various years between 1974 and January 1979,
when instability in Iran first pushed the price above $240. The price began rising further in May as Iran became more unstable and chaotic, reaching $300 at the end of July as more and more worried rich Middle East sheiks rushed to gold, then shot above $400 at the end of November after revolutionaries occupied the US embassy, peaking over $800 for a few days in January, whence it collapsed back to $480 in March, then remained below $560 until summer after the attempt to rescue the hostages failed. The rest of 1980 it traded in the $600’s until December when progress in negotiations quickly dropped it into the $500’s

The dean of investment newsletter writers,” Harry Schultz, penned a profound essay:

The Gold Standard is a Human Standard

“Gold is the essential linchpin of freedom.
“Gold belongs to the monetary system as a governing factor.” Without gold there are “no limits on what
governments can do, control, dictate; no limit on government debt.. no governor on the government.”
plus many more greatly needed insights

Part of $Billions 0.1% Spend on Propaganda:

costumed revelers waving American flags saying everything is Awesome!

Honey Aphid Americans Milked/Bilked by 1+ %

1% in ant clothing slurping up sweet honey aphid secretions of 90+% sheople

Ostrich Americans Ripe for Harvest:
ostrich with head in sand; caption: Recovery's so cozy!

Speaking of denial, time was when the Fed cutting interest rates
would send stocks into a tail spin of investors fearing downturn and/or rising prices (spun as inflation*).
Stocks behaving opposite since 2008 is yet another sign everything about this nation
is out of joint” BIGTIME! – disconnected from Reality, from health, in endless ways;
Wall Street is like an alcoholic adolescent terrified Daddy Fed will take away the punch bowl.

*spin for monetary debasement = loss in purchasing power due to
more [debt] money chasing the same amount of goods.”

Decades ago a grandfather said there’s a sucker born every minute..
recent decades it must have been more like every nanosecond.

Those with sufficient perspective know all is going to plan on the Planet of Lessons,
where we gain lessons, strengths and capacities to last all eternity.

US was marked for destruction because it was founded by the most freedom-loving
= maximal threat to tyranny

as Solution(s)? page discusses in considerable detail.


*  *  *  ADDENDUM  *  *  *

Oh! That Recovery!

CorpoRape Profits vs. Taxes Paid

CorpoRape profits multiplied three times higher this century, but they're only paying 50% more taxes

click chart for long list how 1% keep raping 99% ever more (source page)

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Clarifications and additional details on Destruction of the Middle Class.

Clarifications and additional links to Uncle Shame’s Hopeless Bankruptcy section

Even the most stalwart, gung-ho activists becoming resigned to fact America is no longer a democracy.

Retail sales falling for 42 months clear confirmation economy in Depression (even nominal total)

multiple charts updated, various polishings (2 Feb)

good, succinct overview US incarceration rate with comparisons to Europe, other advanced economies

image from Politico propaganda piece how Everything’s Awesome! – sort of — Right!

Consumer sentiment typically peaks as markets peak,
hence: Mild rise this Fall most likely a warning sign.

Note to First-time Readers introducing this page

Realities make obvious most reliable way to protect nest egg(s) from imminent disaster

To know what happened to America’s economy, follow the money…to the richest .01%.
To know what happened to democracy, follow the richest .01%…to the politicians” who’ve all sold out.

Bubbling Stocks & Over-the-Moon Bonds Have Nowhere to Go But Lots Further Down

More and more miners decry blatantly illegal manipulations of precious metals markets

MainSpin Media finally beginning to acknowledge some dire unemployment realities

another source reports 1+% get ever richer at expense rest

stock collapse chart (in purchasing power) updated

Additional Gloom of Housing Starts Collapse: despite population doubling since 1950s

improvements to joblessness charts, details on worker exploitation

+  additional details how US is most hopelessly bankrupt nation ever:
total debts and obligations of over half a $Million PER PERSON, including children!
Uncle Shame chart shows rapidly-rising unfunded obligations, soon to be hundreds of $Billions annually
= utterly hopelessly unpayable.

+  US Workers Most Exploited in Industrialized World

+  links to list of nations in Industrialized World

+  MarketWatch: by concealing dollar’s loss of purchasing power
Uncle Sham greatly overstates GDP, lying the economy has been growing
despite endless evidence it’s done nothing but contract this entire century.

Real Retail Sales chart updated to Feb’14 (latest available)

Industrial Production Chart updated to Feb’14 (latest available)

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